Serving Westminster Educators

We realize Westminster is not the educational norm—our school exists to offer Christian families a distinctively Christian education for their children. This presents our faculty with the unique opportunity to help define what Christian education should look like. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Westminster provides resources for teachers looking to improve the learning environment they design for their students.

Educators flourish when they engage in work that propels them to create and care for the places God has placed them, and commission others to continue that good work that has been started.

To that end, the CTL ensures Westminster teachers have the resources and training to not only elevate the essentials (coherent curricula; straightforward, traditional literacy practices; and lessons built around effective elements of good teaching) but to boldly innovate wherever possible.

Westminster University

Westminster University exists to enhance student learning by creating a sustainable, integrated culture of learning among faculty that enables all teachers to better fulfill Westminster’s mission to help students discover, embrace, and integrate a biblical view of the world into every area of their life. It does so by offering courses for faculty to engage in throughout the year that address the following priorities:

  • All teachers should have a solid understanding of basic Reformed doctrine and how to teach from a Reformed perspective.
  • All teachers should embrace a mindset of continual improvement and be aware of current thinking concerning pedagogy and methodology.
  • All teachers need to understand and embrace the wisdom expressed in such foundational documents as the Template for Literacy, the Philosophy of Curriculum, and the Principles of Pedagogy.

Westminster Way of Teaching

Our teachers challenge and inspire students to reach higher.

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