Enhancing Life’s Beauty

The Performing Arts Department aims to create a culture of consideration and creativity, teaching students to exhibit goodness and stand for truth by discovering and presenting our place in a metanarrative, and increasing beauty by finding places to be creative throughout life. We teach our students to be:

  • Practitioners who use their talents to serve their communities
  • Analysts who discern the value behind the different media in the world and are intelligent consumers
  • Advocates who continue to support art with their time, talent, and treasure

The arts amplify and enhance our lives. Creative thinkers have a competitive advantage—they provide greater value in their fields because they are accustomed to working hard, digging deep, seeing clearly, and articulating their insights. We believe that this is what Jesus was talking about when he said that he had come to give us an “abundant life”. But we don’t believe that this means the arts are “extra”: they are profoundly important to the human experience. Because of that, we seek to be a place where every student can belong, improve, and create—as we ourselves were created to do.

Our Performing Arts Programs


Embrace Your Musical Gifts

Through band classes, students not only learn the basics of instrumental music and develop the art and practice of musical performance, they learn how to come together as a group and create something beautiful.

Vocal program students learn the basics of choral singing, which includes musicianship, sight singing, vocal production, and performance.

Westminster’s instrumental music program strives to build musical abilities through performances, the study of music theory, history, musicianship, and appreciation of diverse musical styles.


Share Stories & Perspectives

Budding thespians learn the basics of acting in Westminster’s drama program, developing voice and diction and how to move about the stage during a performance.

With a number of productions to participate in throughout the school year, students become familiar with a live audience, radio theatre, stage makeup, and improvisation. Public performances are expected each semester as a ministry, particularly in children’s theatre, while comedic or dramatic monologues are practiced in class performances.

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