Accessible Christian Education

Our goal is to make a Westminster education accessible for as many Christian families as possible.


Tuition for the 2024–25 Academic Year
Grades 7-12: 

Registration Deposit
$250 per student, applied to tuition

Yearly Fees (In Addition to Tuition)
Student activity fee (all students): $100
Technology fee (all students): $250
Graduation fee (seniors only): $150
ESL – English as a Second Language (international students): $6,750

Westminster’s tuition grant program is intended to help close the gap between the amount a family can afford and the cost of a Westminster education. We expect every family to contribute to their student’s tuition.

We take many factors into consideration when determining a family’s ability to pay tuition, including income, assets, general living, medical expenses, financial obligations, and the number of dependents. Each case is evaluated individually. Therefore, families in the same income range may have different overall financial circumstances and consequently receive different amounts of assistance.

  • Assistance is based solely on the family’s financial budget. No honor, athletic, or artistic scholarships are awarded. Most families with incomes less than $125,000 receive some tuition assistance. Most families with incomes of $75,000 or less receive substantial awards.
  • Awards are made for one academic year; applicants apply each year.
  • Regarding the matter of divorce or separation, the Tuition Assistance Committee will consider the assets of both natural parents before making any award, and will not be bound by the assertion that one parent has disclaimed responsibility for educational expenses.
  • Remarriage of either parent creates a new family unit with new relationships. The noncustodial parent (and any spouse) must also file the necessary forms.

Apply for tution grants through FACTS here.

  • 2023-2024academic year

  • 32%

    of the student body received assistance

  • $3.3 million

    awarded in tuition grants

We help make Westminster affordable.

*Reported WCA family income of tuition grant recipients

Financial aid income chart

Priority Processing Deadline

New Families

Returning Families

How to Apply

Tuition & Grant FAQs

  • Applying for Tuition Grants

    Log in through FACTS here.

  • Books and Other Expenses

    Although the school provides many textbooks, some texts (such as workbooks and lab manuals) must be purchased. The average annual cost for these additional texts is $100–$200.

    Other fees can include but are not limited to, school uniform, school supplies, iPad, trips, retreats, equipment, and athletic uniforms. These costs may range from $50–$750 depending on a student’s grade or involvement.

  • Special Services Fees for 2024–25

    Fees are assessed according to the scope and nature of the services provided. Students receiving Pathways (formerly The Learning Center) services qualify for either full-time or consultative services. All new students begin with full-time service, which includes at least one pullout class.

    • Consultative services (part-time) – $1,650
    • Gifted Program – $1,650
    • Pathways (per pullout class) – $3,300/class
  • Tuition Payment Plans

    Choose from one of the following three options:

    Single Payment: Due June 2024
    Two Payments: Due June 2024 and November 2024
    Ten Payments: The first payment will be due June 2024 and subsequent payments will be due each of the following months through March 2025. A $25 late fee will be assessed if the full monthly payment is not received during the month that payment is due.

  • Early Withdrawal Policy

    If a student withdraws after June 1, 2024, but before the first day of school, the family is responsible for paying the full tuition for the first quarter. If a student leaves for any reason after classes have begun, the family is responsible for paying the full tuition for that quarter.

  • Late Tuition Payments

    Final grades, transcripts, and diplomas will not be released until all financial obligations are paid in full. On June 1, 2025, a 5% late fee will be assessed on any outstanding balance. A 1% late fee will be assessed on the first of each month thereafter.

  • Scholarships

    Westminster does not offer any academic, fine art, or athletic scholarships.

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