Finding Abundance through Art

The mission of the Visual Arts Department is to teach students to see the wonder of God’s creation, to equip them with skills and opportunities for personal expression, and to shepherd each individual toward a creative practice that can look inward while reaching outward to engage and inspire others.

Students in visual art classes move from a broad survey experience into a media-specific study. There are currently eight different courses from which students can choose. While some might continue to try different media, others will want to move on to higher levels of complexity and the portfolio-building opportunities of AP studio art.

The arts should amplify and enhance our lives. Creative thinkers have a competitive advantage—they provide greater value in their fields because they are accustomed to working hard, digging deep, seeing clearly, and articulating their insights. We believe that this is what Jesus was talking about when he said that he had come to give us an “abundant life.”

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