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Spring 2024: Our Faith. Our Future. Our Time.

• What Makes Westminster Special?
• Congratulations to the Class of 2024
• Alumni Spotlight: Christian X.M. McGhee ’17
• Planting in Good Soil

Alumni, if you would like to be included in the next issue, please send us an email with your update, graduation year, and a recent photo.

Archived Issues

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  • Fall 2023

    Winter 2023–24: Faith in Action
    • Putting Our Faith Into Action
    • Highlights from Around Campus
    • Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Aucker ’05

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  • Spring 2023

    Spring 2023: Holiness
    • Seeking Holiness
    • Where Does Our Worth Come From?
    • Alumni Spotlight: Stephen Kruse ’04

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  • Winter 2022–23

    • Parent, Teacher, and Student Reflections
    • More Than Just a Classroom
    • Alumni Spotlight: Michael Miller ’90

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  • Spring 2022
  • Summer 2021

    Special Edition

    • Bringing Normal Back with “Guys and Dolls”
    • We’re Going Outside!
    • Presenting the Class of 2021

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  • Spring 2021

    Love Your Neighbor

    • Count It All Joy
    • Disruption Causes Innovation
    • Led to a Life of Service

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  • Spring 2020

    Prepare. Engage. Change.

    • Fulfilling the Westminster Vision
    • A Partnership Fueled by Hope
    • Spirit Week 2020 Highlights
    • Changing the World for Christ

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  • Fall 2019

    Reaching Higher

    • Exploring Stewardship through Science
    • Meet Our New Director of Spiritual Life
    • Homecoming 2019 Highlights
    • Answering God’s Call

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  • Spring 2019

    Leading with Our Serve

    • Leading by Example
    • Why Leadership Experience Matters
    • Spirit Week Highlights
    • Called to Life-Giving Work: an Alumni Spotlight on Jake Patton ’96

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  • Fall 2018

    Living in Unity

    • Inspiring a Legacy of Unity
    • Creating Beauty Alongside the Creator
    • Partnering with Parents and the Church
    • Creative Talent on the Rise: an Alumni Spotlight on Eichel Davis ’14

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  • Fall 2017

    Caring for Creation

    • Captivated by Creation
    • Scoring in the Spirit: Andrew Kempen
    • Dazzled by God’s Design: Genevieve Ralston
    • Geared Up to Give Back: an Alumni Spotlight on Jonathan Bopp ’12

  • Spring 2017

    Engaging the World

    • International Impact
    • More than a Game: Dale Ribble
    • Language, Life, and Learning: Sarah DeVries
    • Work as Worship: an Alumni Spotlight on Anna Sugg ’08

  • Fall 2016

    Celebrating 40 Years

    • A Legacy of God’s Provision
    • Guiding the Way: Micah Gall
    • Influenced to Impact: an Alumni Spotlight on Ben Walker ’08

  • Spring 2016

    Westminster Writers

  • Fall 2015

    Flourishing the City

  • Spring 2015


  • Winter 2014/15

    Setting the Stage

    World-class spaces allow students to draw on their God-given talent

  • Spring 2014

    Inspired. Prepared. Engaged.

    Alumni demonstrate how they were created to make a difference

  • Winter 2013

    Taking Care of Business

    Preparing students to engage the world in any vocation

  • Winter 2012

    It Begins in Middle School

    Westminster prepares students for a 7th-12th grade learning experience.

  • Winter 2011

    Innovative Learning

    Students excel academically as they experience world-class Christian education.

  • Summer 2011

    Steps of Faith

    God’s blessings abound as we continue our journey in Town & Country.

  • Winter 2010

    Special Edition: His Story in the Making

    How God is building a school, graduates, and community for future generations.

  • Summer 2010

    Together in Harmony

    Students from diverse backgrounds explore and embrace their differences.

  • Winter 2009

    Embracing Technology

    Westminster students explore new technologies in and beyond the classroom.