Campus Security

Westminster is constantly updating its security measures to ensure that our school remains a safe place.

Safety is a top priority at Westminster. We assume a preventive and adaptive security posture so our students may enjoy a comfortable learning environment free of undue safety concerns. Steered by our full-time security officer, we run our standard daily rhythms as well as unique events through a risk management process model. These perpetual evaluations of our security strategies assess and address potential threats and vulnerabilities and evolve into safety enhancements.

Armed Presence

  • Armed security and police officers actively monitor and patrol the Westminster campus.
  • The Town & Country Police Department serves Westminster incredibly well through on-site security, law enforcement, and by observing emergency drills.
  • Our multi-layered defensive strategy progressively limits vulnerabilities from the outside – in.
Secured Campus

During the school day:

  • Westminster’s campus grounds are closed to the public.
  • the building’s exterior doors are locked.
  • adults in the building must wear identification.
  • classroom doors are always locked.
Faculty, Staff & Student Preparedness

  • If an emergency arises, faculty and staff are equipped to simultaneously sound the alarm and notify law enforcement within seconds through the use of strategically placed panic buttons and the use of the SchoolGuard app.
  • Tipline: When students see or hear something that concerns them, the Westminster tip line provides students a mechanism to safely and anonymously report the matter to school security and administration
  •  Students, faculty, and staff attend safety lessons throughout the school year. This empowers everyone as critical players in our emergency prevention, preparedness, response.
  • Throughout the school year, we design and execute various emergency drills not only to safely practice, evaluate, and refine our strategies but to also reinforce every student’s confidence that Westminster is a safe place.

Meet our full-time security officer, Tim DeWitt.

Westminster Tipline

An anonymous tip reporting tool gives our students and parents a mechanism to do the right thing and alert the school about something concerning they see or hear in an anonymous and safe way. In addition to physical threats, this reporting tool may be used to report a variety of concerns including bullying, abuse, and mental health concerns.

Posters about the tipline are placed in strategic locations throughout campus for students to see.