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WestminsterYOU is an innovative approach to learning and building community that gives our students opportunities to engage and learn in ways that work for them in spaces that inspire connection and customization.


Academies are academic programs that exist both within and outside our traditional seven period day. Students in our academies will gain valuable experience in real-world situations and scenarios and will have the opportunity to put our school’s vision into practice through community-oriented learning. Students who take part in an academy will have a multi-year experience that may include a mentor and/or related internship. Students who complete work within each portion of an academy will receive credit on their transcript.


Academic enrichment opportunities offer students the unique ability to go deeper and further into academic material they are interested in. These opportunities stretch across the disciplines. 


Academic recovery is designed to give students time, space, and support each week to get caught up on schoolwork and/or seek extra help from teachers. We will also provide a Writing Center and a Math Center for academic support. Students who have a failing grade may be assigned to an intervention program to address academic deficiencies and to give them an opportunity to boost their grade(s).

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