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  • General Questions

    What is the average class size?
    Westminster currently enrolls 945 students. Our average class size is 16, and our student/teacher ratio is 11:1.

    Is Westminster accredited?
    Yes, Westminster Christian Academy is accredited by Cognia and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). Westminster is a member of the Council on Educational Standards & Accountability (CESA), Independent Schools of St. Louis, Christian Schools Association of St. Louis, and Christian Schools International.

    How diverse is the student body?
    Westminster seeks to foster a community that embraces the cultural, ethnic, racial, denominational, and socioeconomic diversity reflected in our unity in Christ and the Kingdom of God.

    Westminster is comprised of people from differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but the school is also diverse in student learning styles, church denominations, and socioeconomic status. Our ethnic diversity is 26%, made up of African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Southeast Asian, multiracial, and international students. Our families attend more than 200 churches and represent many Christian denominations. Our comprehensive program provides for the educational needs of students with diagnosed learning disabilities and those who are academically gifted. More than 30% of our student body receives tuition assistance.

    Do students wear uniforms?
    Yes. The Westminster standardized dress program through Lands’ End and Global Schoolwear is simple, affordable, and includes a variety of options.

  • Application Questions

    What is Westminster looking for in a prospective student?
    Westminster seeks to enroll well-rounded students who are motivated to pursue higher education, grow in a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and serve others. We welcome students who represent a variety of ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds.

    How do I apply?
    All applicants must apply online. If you have any additional questions about the application process, please email the admissions team or call 314.997.2900. Families need to complete both the parent and student applications. Our application fee is $50 and can be paid using a credit card during the online application process or by check mailed to Westminster Christian Academy.

    Can I schedule a visit and/or have my student attend a class?
    We encourage you to schedule a tour with our admissions team. You may also contact us by phone at 314.997.2900 or email.

    Does Westminster require an entrance exam?
    Yes. Many data points are considered to form a complete picture of an applicant. An entrance exam is one of those data points. We accept SSAT or ISEE scores, but our preference is the ISEE exam; it allows us to measure a student’s progress from admission through corresponding ERB testing administered in grades 7–9. ISEE and SSAT scores, along with information from the student’s current school, may be used when considering a student’s course placement.

    What is the cost of tuition at Westminster?
    Tuition for the 2023–24 academic year is $20,950. Additional expenses may include school uniform, books, iPad (for incoming students grades 7–9), athletic uniforms, extra-curricular trips, retreats, and other school-related activities. Westminster does not participate in mandatory fundraising or giving. For more information about tuition, visit our Tuition and Affordability page.

    Does Westminster offer scholarships or financial assistance?
    We offer tuition grants to families on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Westminster awarded more than $3.3 million in need-based assistance for the 2023–24 academic year. Read more about tuition grants at Westminster.

    I don’t think my family can afford Westminster and am not sure we will qualify for tuition grants. What should we do?
    We encourage all interested families to go through the admission process. If you feel Westminster’s tuition and fees would be a financial hardship for your family, we recommend applying for tuition grants and admission simultaneously.

    What happens to applicants when a grade is full?
    If an applicant is qualified to attend Westminster but there are no spaces currently available, the applicant’s name will be placed in a wait pool. If and when an opening becomes available, the Admissions Committee will select the most appropriate candidate for the opening.

  • Academic Questions

    How does Westminster support the educational needs of students with diagnosed learning disabilities?
    Westminster’s Special Services program enhances a student’s academic success by providing tools and strategies to utilize in the classroom, with homework, and during testing. Special Services helps special learners to understand their learning profiles well enough to confidently adapt to a defined learning program. We limit this program to 10 percent of the students in a grade level. Applicants must provide a current educational evaluation completed within the last three years.

    Does Westminster have a gifted program?
    The Gifted program at Westminster supports the educational and social-emotional needs of families with students identified as gifted. The Gifted program enhances academic potential and success by providing a compacted, enriched curriculum. Our Gifted teachers help each student understand his or her learning profile and social-emotional needs while confidently seeking and managing academic coursework. This program will allow each student the academic challenge commensurate to his or her intellectual potential.

    Does the school offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes?
    Yes. We offer 15 distinct AP classes.

  • Community Life Questions

    Can my child play varsity sports as a freshman?
    Yes. Skill, not age, is most important. Junior varsity and freshman teams, as well as club sports, provide additional opportunities for athletic involvement.

    Does Westminster offer middle school sports teams?
    Yes. We encourage all middle school students to participate on sports teams. Students are placed on teams that are appropriate for their skill level.

    How are parents involved in the school community?
    Parents Advancing Westminster (PAW) offers many opportunities for parents to serve the Westminster community using their time and talents. We encourage parents to support their student by attending performances, athletic events, special on-campus programs, and other community events.

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