Called to Create

Experience the truth, beauty, and wonder of God’s creation through artistic expression.

Visual Arts

Abundance through Art

In John 10:10, Jesus tells us He came so that we could have life more abundant. Art changes how we see the world and often how we engage it. It has everything to do with living more abundantly.

Visual art students learn to see and engage the wonders of God’s creation and discover ways to communicate the fullness of the human experience through a wide range of media and methods so that all may experience a more abundant life.

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Performing Arts

Creating Beauty

In the first chapter of Genesis, God stepped into a void, created, and said: “you are like me”. We are made in the image of God, and by nature, are drawn to explore, discover, and create.

Students in performing arts classes can choose from a broad array of possible experiences. We have both semester- and year-long courses to choose from, as well as an AP Music Theory course for the advanced music student. Many students continually enroll in performance classes in order to deepen their skill in that medium, or because they get such joy from their involvement.

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