Why Alumni Give

Hear from our alumni as they share how Westminster impacted them and why they are contributing to help our students in need.

Kent Kehr ’78

“I gave to Wildcat We CARE because God transformed my life for Him through my relationships with the faculty at Westminster both as a student and a staff member.  My prayer is that many others will know and see His wonderful hand upon their lives while at Westminster, and experience the life-changing path He has mapped for them. I don’t want anyone to have to leave because of the crisis.”

Hollie Anderson-Schlueter ’92 & Brian Schlueter ’93

“I am a result of praying parents and grandparents. I know Westminster Christian Academy was an answer to their prayers. It was at Westminster that my faith and roots in Jesus grew deep. That’s why I count it a joy to be able to sow seed into the next generation of students and teachers at Westminster. To give what God leads me to give and watch it grow, nurture, and flourish this generation of young men and women for whatever Jesus calls them to do. It’s so exciting!” —Hollie

Thomas Porter ’10

“As a black male, my experience at Westminster set me apart. It is my hope and prayer, that every Westminster student of color is afforded the same opportunities that have played such an integral role in my success. We must invest in our future.”

Kelly Gilbert ’96

“Each and every student who sits in my classroom becomes mine…forever! They are all so precious to me, so how could I turn down a chance to make sure that each student can continue his or her Westminster education, no matter the family’s current circumstances? This is such an easy way to bless those who have suffered during these uncertain times.”

Sang Hyuk Park ’15

“When I came to Westminster as an international student, I had a hard time communicating with other students because I was never good at speaking English. However, the Westminster community and sports helped me a lot to learn the language and the American culture. Now I want to join the Westminster community and help other students.”

The Cunningham Family
Holly ’91, Evie ’20, & Isabel ’20

“Even though our graduation years are almost 30 years apart, my girls and I all experienced incredibly impactful relationships with our teachers and the staff at WCA.  They validated us, challenged us educationally and spiritually, were some of our first “adult” friends who showed us respect and love, and most importantly taught us to find our source in the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Jesus Christ. We have decided to give to Wildcat We CARE because we don’t want other students to miss out on this incredible gift—the extremely unique and beautiful relationship that is freely offered by the staff at Westminster Christian Academy.” —Holly

Jocelyn Sheffield ’12

“Westminster’s superb education and focus on faith-based learning equipped me with the tools needed to thrive as a Christian leader in business and in society as a whole. Please join me in helping other students, so that we can continue to empower the next generation of leaders.”

The Bailey Family
Scott ’88, Janna ’88, Emma ’14, & Betsy ’18
“Westminster was the setting for the foundation of our family’s story, and we will be forever grateful for the life-changing opportunities we’ve had here.  As a family, we have come together in support of the Wildcat We CARE effort because it is our desire that others will also have the Westminster experience of superior education and extracurricular activities that are rooted in a biblical worldview.  Our hopes and prayers are for students to be blessed through Westminster for more generations to come.” —Janna

Tommy Briner ’20

“Westminster has been the best place for me during the four most formative years of my life. It’s given me opportunities to build myself as a person, a student, and a journalist. I’ve gained real-world experience towards my hopeful future profession in ways that other schools simply don’t offer. On top of that, the relationships have been wonderful both with friends and teachers. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to be pulled away from their friends and the whole Westminster experience due to financial strain.”

Claire Kopsky ’14

“The opportunity to attend Westminster was such a privilege that I continue to value today. For me, it was the place my worldview was fine-tuned. It was a place where my teachers and coaches were invested in more than the subject or the game; they cared about the person I was becoming. The truths that were nourished in my high school years help keep me grounded when my ethics are challenged each day. We were taught to help those in need and love as Christ did. His example motivates me to do my part to ensure students continue to have the wonderful Christian education Westminster provides so they will be ready to go out and change our fallen world for Jesus Christ. This has never been more important than today.”

Carson Burke ’15

“I learned lessons at Westminster in the classroom and through the arts and sports that prepared me for college and my career at Edward Jones. I would hate to think a student had to leave Westminster because of the current crisis. I want to do my part to help them out in their time of need.”

Kelly Johnston ’97

“Though there is no dollar amount that could begin to repay the debt of gratitude and because there are no words that could adequately describe the life-changing impact of my time at WCA, it is an honor to participate in the Wildcat We CARE campaign. Westminster’s excellent education, rooted in the powerful, transforming truth of the gospel, was significantly foundational for so much of the growth and success I’ve experienced personally, professionally, and spiritually over the last 20+ years. In a time when our world is, perhaps more than ever, desperately in need of Christ-followers who lead as humble, educated, justice-seeking, mercy loving servants…I’m delighted that the Wildcat We CARE fund is being established to ensure future leaders continue to be educated and equipped to tangibly impact our world for both immediate and eternal good.”

David Alexander ’10

“I would like to share my Wildcat We CARE story with you because now more than ever we must stand together. I am investing in the Wildcat We CARE Campaign because I’ve seen the 10x impact Westminster has played in my life. I invite you to join me for a conversation on our podcast Social Origin with Jim Marsh as he shares leadership insights on building relationships, empathy, and strength. Enter into this story with me because together we can make a difference.”

Hannah Wallace Murray ’93

“To be able to help fill a need is one of the fundamental values I walked away with from my time at Westminster. Whether it’s volunteering time or in this case, providing financial assistance to a current student, this is an opportunity for us as alumni to be the work gloves on God’s hands. I am so proud of our community and of what we can accomplish together!”

Kelley Carey ’06

Westminster played a significant role in my life as both a student and later as a teacher. The Westminster community is at its best when it shares in the burdens and needs of one another. I’m grateful to be able to play a small role in helping those affected by this crisis.

John Pottebaum ’16

The people at Westminster are special. The faculty’s passion towards the students rises from a unique combination of professional skill and love for the Lord. It prepares them to develop the next generation of leaders in our communities, businesses, and households. The rarity of this reality has become more apparent to me as I’ve graduated from college. I couldn’t imagine life without my friends from WCA. I’m moving in with two of them next month. My friends and teachers fortified a foundation of values that shapes my present actions and will inspire any success I may have down the road. The We CARE campaign gave me the opportunity to play a small part in catalyzing the next generation of Christ-centered community. I’m honored to be a member of the Westminster community and I look forward to remaining involved in the future.

Clint Gulick ’07

Embrace the gift of giving back to those who invested in you. In some way, shape, or form, WCA has developed each of its students to who they are today.

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