Carpool Tips

For the safety of your students and their peers, please use caution when navigating the Westminster parking lot and practice the procedures outlined here for morning drop-off and after-school pick-up.

  • Follow the drop-off procedures.
    • Use the RIGHT lane to drop off students.
    • DO NOT cut into the right lane in front of the building.
    • The first car in line must drive to and stop at the main entrance.
    • The following cars should stop closely behind those in front.
    • Do NOT stop at the Middle School entrance unless the lane is full in front of you.
    • Once students exit the vehicle, drivers may merge into the left lane to exit.
    • Do not drop off students from the left lane.
  • Avoid lengthy stops in the drop-off lane.

    Longer student drop-offs (i.e. student permit drivers, those unloading multiple items) should utilize the visitor parking spots. All others must use the drop-off lane, not the parking lot.

  • Do not drop your student off in the parking lot.

    It only takes an extra 30 seconds to use the drop-off lanes and ensure our students’ safety.

  • Follow the pick-up procedures.
    • Use both lanes all of the way through the pick-up zone.
    • Utilize all available right-lane curb space in the pick-up zone to allow students to enter the vehicle. The pick-up zone stretches from staff parking to the soccer field. See diagram below.
    • Park in the parking lot if your student is not ready to leave when you arrive OR if the right lane is completely full.
    • Do not pick up students from the left lane.
  • Be cautious.

    Heed directions to proceed or stop at crosswalks. Drive slowly through the carpool lanes in front of the building, and use caution when merging.

  • Stay off the phone.

    Never use cellphones while driving on campus. This exposes drivers and pedestrians to unnecessary risks. Our students are walking through the lot and crossing the drive.

  • Avoid peak times.

    Carpool is busiest from 7:40–7:50 a.m. If you arrive before 7:40 a.m., your wait time will be minimal.

  • View the parking and traffic diagrams.

    View the parking and traffic diagrams to familiarize yourself with the Westminster parking lot and traffic flow.

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