Find a Club, Get Connected!

With more than 25 clubs and activities across both divisions, students can explore the arts, learn about other cultures, dive deeper into STEM, and more.

  • Archery Club

    Grade: 7–8

  • Art Club

    Art Club is dedicated to the idea of community and its place in the creation of art. We strive to give students the freedom to express themselves in a safe environment while providing encouragement and enthusiasm to help others create art and be creative in everyday situations.

    Grade: All grades

  • Audio/Visual Club

    Audio/Visual Club is for any student interested in live streaming, video production, live events, and theatre tech. In this team-oriented club, students develop engineering skills in pre-production and post-production environments. If you are creative and love working with technology behind the scenes, this club is for you!

    Grade: All grades

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club allows students to meet others who can help improve their chess skills over friendly games! Beginning in December (and running through March), the upper school team competes against other schools on Wednesday afternoons. The middle school team competes on Thursday afternoons. Saturday tournaments are open to all students through the Gateway Chess League.

  • Chinese Club

    The Chinese Club welcomes all students who are interested in Chinese language or culture. We expose Chinese culture (art, architecture, history, cuisine, etc.) to our club members through presentations, discussions, film, and field trips. We also try to learn how God put His story in Chinese.

    Grade: All grades

  • Coding Club

    Students who have a desire to learn about computer programming will use Code Academy, Khan Academy, HTML, Scratch, CSS, Java Script, Python, and MIT APP to make fun and creative games.

    Grade: 9–12

  • Cooking Club

    Grade: All grades

  • Crafternoons

    Grades: 7–8

  • Drama Club

    As a member of the Drama Club, you’ll see plays during the school year, help with auditions, run workshops, vote on plays for the following year, and help fundraise at Carnival. Join us!

    Grade: All grades

  • Fashion Club

    Grade: 9–12

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes is “where athletes and coaches connect and grow in their sport and faith in Jesus Christ.” Topics such as “competing for an audience of One,” “leadership,” “respect for officials,” and “time management” are discussed in both an athletic and spiritual context. Students find ways to connect biblical truths to their daily lives as student-athletes. Each meeting starts with dinner and a fun group game followed by group discussion. The group will occasionally enjoy activity nights or service opportunities. In addition, the group is invited to participate in area-wide camps or events with other area schools. Everyone is welcome (even non-athletes), and students are welcome to attend in and out of season.

    Grade: 9–12

  • FIRST Robotics Team

    Team 4256–Cyborg Cats: Back in 2010, a group of Westminster students formed a club as an outlet to explore their collective interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In 2011, several members reshaped this group into a fledgling robotics team, choosing to join the First Robotics Competition community in 2011. Team 4256, also known as the Cyborg Cats, was born. Today, the team includes over 80 student engineers. As the Cyborg Cats continue to evolve, their purpose remains the same; they strive to use robotics as an agent of community improvement and a canvas for self-expression.

  • Fishing Club

    Grade: 7–12

  • Gaming Club

    Gaming Club offers students a place to play games of all sorts in order to connect with people, have fun, and learn new things. It’s a great way for students of any age and from diverse backgrounds to create shared experiences together as peers, teammates, and lighthearted competitors. Games range from casual (Taboo, Uno) to extended (Risk, Axis, and Allies), strategic (Catan and Power Grid), and social (Ultimate Werewolf and Charades).

    Grade: 9–12

  • Medical Club

    Grade: 9–12

  • Rock Climbing Club

    Grade: 9–12

  • Scholar Bowl

    Scholar Bowl is an academic club that gives students the opportunity to compete in quiz-like competitions against teams from other schools. The team has the opportunity to compete at the district, statewide, and national levels. Practices, which consist of a “mock meet,” usually last two or three hours. Scholar Bowl Club seeks to unite a love of learning and knowledge of trivia into a fun environment fostering community and relationship!

    Grade: 9–12

  • Scrabble and Tea Club

    The Scrabble and Tea Club brings Westminster community members (students, faculty, staff, families) together to make new relationships and deepen those relationships over a game of Scrabble and a cup of tea.

    Grade: All grades

  • Smash Bros. Club

    Grade: 9–12

  • Spanish Club

    Spanish Club brings together students and faculty who enjoy the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. The club seeks to deepen proficiency of the Spanish language and promotes an interest in culture through first-hand experiences. Students participate in service, educational, and social projects and functions throughout the year.

    Grade: 9–12

  • U.N.I.T.Y. Club

    United Neighbors in Today’s Youth (U.N.I.T.Y) is a group of curious students who participate in activities and plan events to identify and celebrate our differences. In U.N.I.T.Y Club, we are passionate about asking hard questions, hosting respectful and courageous conversations, moving toward greater understanding, and embracing our differences as a diverse, unified body of people in Christ.

    Grade: 9–12

  • Veterans & First Responders Club

    The Veterans & First Responders Club provides opportunities for reaching out to the community through service that supports past and present military, veterans, firefighters, and police officers. Examples of activities include writing cards, making care packages, helping with St. Louis Honor Flight, and participating in events at Jefferson Barracks.

    Grade: All grades