Wildcat Tracks: Neal Hopson ’03

Neal Hopson might be the perfect definition of a renaissance man; he has wide interests and is an expert in several areas. “I’ve been blessed to use the skills and gifts God gave me to reach millions of people all over the world every day,” he said. Not only is he an on-air host at nationally syndicated BOOST Radio here in St. Louis, but he has also developed ‘Business One Goal Global’ which comprises his DJ talents, choreography/creative directing, emcee/hosting, speaking, and podcasting. “God has been faithful. I’ve seen tremendous growth and opportunity, even during a pandemic,” he said. “I love creating unique, excellent experiences where people can encounter God … and have fun!”

A normal workday for Neal is busy, to say the least. “A typical day consists of an early morning quiet time, followed by a workout. Then I cook breakfast for my family and I’m off to BOOST. I host my show, after which I record two other shows in Houston and Des Moines,” Neal said. “After work comes family time, work on my business, more quiet time, read, journal, sleep, repeat. Whew, I need a nap!” he laughed. Neal and his wife, Kim, are parents to their three-year-old daughter, Gabriella. “I have enjoyed 12 years of marriage to my best friend and the most beautiful wife,” Hopson explained. The Hopsons attend and serve at Church on the Rock in St. Peters, Missouri. “We have the honor of leading the Young Adults,” Neal said. “I’m glad no one is checking IDs at the door, because they might not let us in!”

When he was a student at Westminster, his hopes were to play professional tennis. “I had a great experience at Westminster. I transferred from a public school to Westminster as a freshman, where I quickly noticed that the khakis were a tad bit tighter. My older brother ended up attending MICDS, so this was the first time we were apart,” Neal explained. “Thankfully, I adapted well to a new school and developed some great relationships. At the time, there weren’t a lot of people at Westminster who looked like me, but I grew up playing tennis all my life so I was used to being in situations like that.”

I was fortunate to experience great leadership from the head of school, Jim Marsh. He really established a healthy, loving, encouraging culture at Westminster. I loved the staff and tennis coaches for sure, but one teacher I will always remember is Susie Pike. Love her! She taught a class called Life Skills. It prepared us for situations in life we couldn’t learn about from books. She was sweet, kind, and caring.

Thankfully, for those Neal reaches through his time and talents, the professional tennis career he hoped for never materialized. Looking forward, he hopes to continue spreading the message of God’s love. “I really want to just finish well, and leave a great legacy for the next generation. All the ‘stuff’ is cool, but if I can lead people to God, help them discover His purpose for their life, that’s a win. One Goal … For Souls.”

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