Wildcat Tracks: Ben Lovell ’13

In the world of collegiate sports, competition often dominates the headlines. We know about brackets, D1 selections, and NILs, but seldom do you hear about an athlete’s faith life. Athletes in Action (AIA), a global organization, envisions a day when Christ-followers are prevalent in every team, sport, and nation. At the heart of this vision are individuals like Ben Lovell, whose dedication to AIA’s mission fuels his daily work.

Ben’s role with AIA is split between their national marketing team and campus ministry at Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW). “On the national marketing team, I am in charge of our social media and aiding our staff with website development and graphic design,” he said. “I also have the opportunity to aid departments in business development, where I can use entrepreneurial ideas to help AIA create new avenues for bringing the Gospel to the world.” This dual role also allows Ben to work closely with the spiritual growth of athletes one-on-one, particularly doing campus ministry with the male athletes at PFW.

During his time as a student at Westminster, Ben recalls teachers who focused not only on his education but also on his passion for excellence. “The big lesson I learned at WCA was how to give my best effort. I am appreciative of how each teacher helped bring that out in me. Today, I am able to look back, take the tools and encouragement that were taught to me, and incorporate them into not only my vocation but my life.”

“I wish I had the space to thank each and every one of my teachers for the impact they had on me both personally and for pushing me to use the best of my abilities. All of the teachers hold a special place in my heart. I cannot thank them enough and hope I get to do it in person sometime soon.”

Today, Ben is eager to extend Athletes In Action’s reach with people who share the same mission. “The best part of my job is the staff I work with,” he said. “Hearing their stories and seeing the work they have put in makes me proud of not only being a part of AIA but of the fact that each and every one of them answered the call God put on their lives. There is tremendous work being done, and I wish I could shake the hands of each and every one of our staff nationwide!” This commitment to investing in the spiritual growth of athletes allows transformations like the one Ben shared about PFW’s men’s golf team. “The leader of the team Bible study is graduating this year. In just six short weeks, he has helped mobilize his teammates to pursue Christ deeper and is helping guide them into becoming multiplying disciples. It has been so incredible that we can only say that it is the work of the Holy Spirit.”

For more information or to support Ben Lovell: www.athletesinaction.org

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