Wildcat Tracks: John & Julie Biebel Moss ’95

Mixing family and business is all in a day’s work for John and Julie Moss. Not only have they been married for 21 years, but they own and run a successful wedding venue together. After moving back to Missouri from Hawaii, the Mosses bought Little Piney Lodge in Hermann, MO. “We have always loved hosting people. Living in Hawaii, we often got the chance to have family and friends come stay with us. But we never really thought we’d be in the business of hosting people,” Julie says. “John was in mortgage banking and I was a stay-at-home mom when we felt God tugging at our hearts to move back to Missouri. John’s parents owned Little Piney (they bought it as a family farm when we were dating) and had built it into a wedding venue. They were considering building a new venue, so we asked them if we could buy Little Piney.”

The Mosses met while students at Westminster and both agree that their school experience carries over to their lives today. “We met in Mr. Bradley’s science class, so he’s always held a special place in our hearts,” says Julie. “I can’t think of a single teacher who didn’t make an impact on my life. We wouldn’t be able to run our business without the priceless writing instruction from Mr. Holley, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Parker. Even as I’m typing this, I’m reminding myself of Mr. Holley’s comma consciousness! Brides definitely need communication, so writing is a huge part of our work.”

We also learned at WCA that God is not just a piece of our lives — He’s everything. All of our teachers echoed that to us. And now, whether we’re hanging chandeliers, helping grandparents get to their seats at a reception, or talking through details with one of our couples, we do it with God.

Taking over the property has given John and Julie the opportunity to not only get to know the families who host weddings, but also share with them their faith. Guests can choose to stay at the breathtaking property for one night or a whole weekend. “Every wedding at Little Piney is unique to the couple getting married, but the common thread is that everything feels completely relaxed and laid back. Our Saturday weddings include use of our entire estate from Friday through Sunday, including overnight lodging for 12 people. Our Sunday weddings have the option of overnight lodging as well.”

The Moss family, including their three children, feels blessed to also call Little Piney home. “Since we live here on the property, we really get to know our couples and their family and close friends. We’ve grown to love working behind the scenes to keep things going smoothly from start to finish. We start praying for our couples as soon as they book with us. God ALWAYS shows up and it’s so neat to be able to point out Him and His great love to our couples.”

Get more information about Little Piney Lodge. There will be an Open House event on September 12. “Anyone is welcome and can RSVP through our website. It’s such a treat to host Westminster weddings. We have three WCA alumni getting married at Little Piney this year!”

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