Wildcat Tracks: Jeremy Marsh ’91

Jeremy Marsh ’91 has returned to Westminster as the Head of Institutional Advancement. We sat down with him to find out where he’s been, what he’s looking forward to, and how he really feels about being back on campus alongside his dad!

Wildcat Tracks: Welcome back! You graduated from Westminster in 1991, so what have you been up to for the last 30 years?

Jeremy: After graduating from Westminster, I attended the Air Force Academy, graduating in 1995. Knowing that I would never fly due to my colorblindness, I thought I would complete my five years of required service following graduation, then move on. I ended up serving for 21 great years! I had the opportunity to live all over the country as well as overseas in Turkey. The Air Force then sent me to law school at SLU, after which I spent 15 years as a “JAG” officer. The highlight of my military career was being able to spend the final five years as a professor of law at the Air Force Academy. After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2016, I moved my family to Kalispell, Montana, where I began a new career in Christian school leadership. Until recently, I was the Head of School at Stillwater Christian School, a 450-student, PreK–12 school in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Living there was a wonderful season for my family but we are so thankful to be back in St. Louis at a place and in a community we love so dearly!

WT: Tell us about your family, Jeremy.

JM: I met my wife, Bekah, in 2004 while home on leave in St. Louis. Even though we grew up in similar circles and both went to Westminster, we had not met because we did so a decade apart. In God’s perfect timing, we met at the Des Peres Lodge when my dad introduced me to Bekah Stortz ’02, a former Westminster standout student, athlete, and musician. I was immediately smitten! We were married in 2006 and started our family in 2008, when James, now a seventh grader at Westminster, was born. Benjamin (fifth grade), Emi (fourth grade), and Betsy (first grade) soon followed. Bekah is an amazing mom and wife who also has a career in music ministry and teaching. She’s been the Director of Music at our church for the last eight years and is currently teaching music at Twin Oaks Christian School. I count myself blessed beyond words to have the family that I do.

WT: Can you explain what drew you back to Westminster and what your role here will involve? As you mentioned, your son James is a seventh grader this fall and your dad, Jim, still serves as Head of School Emeritus. How fun is it to have three generations together at WCA?

JM: Christian schools have always been a big part of my life, even during my time in the Air Force. I personally attended two different Christian schools growing up. While serving in the Air Force, I worked in various capacities (teacher, coach, board member, volunteer) in five different Christian schools. My Air Force career was unique in that 19 of the 25 years of my service were spent in educational environments, either as a full time student or teacher. So, as I neared the end of my teaching term at the Air Force Academy and became eligible to retire, I felt God calling me to explore Christian school leadership — a path I’d witnessed first-hand through my dad’s rewarding career at Westminster. God has clearly confirmed this sense of calling through my work as a Head of School during the past five years. There was always a hope that the right door might open at Westminster, enabling us to come back and allow our kids to attend here, so when that happened this year, it was like a dream come true. It is super fun to come to school with my oldest every day, plus get to work with and continue to learn from my dad in his role as a member of the Advancement team!


WT: What are some of the biggest changes to the school since 1991? What things are still the same?

JM: I’m truly amazed when I drive onto the school campus every day at how impressive it is and the opportunities that Westminster students have available today! And yet, when I walk in the building, the feel of this community — the sense of warmth, hospitality, grace, laughter, fun — and the commitment to and practice of putting Christ at the center of all we do is the same. In all the important ways — mission, vision, core values — Westminster is the same school it was in 1991. It’s just better. I’m so grateful for that and hope that we can continue to grow and improve so that present and future generations, who will face challenges of a different nature and magnitude than mine, will be well equipped to engage the world and change it for Christ.

WT: Finally, can you share your hopes for this school year?

JM: It’s been a great start to the school year. There is such great energy on campus right now after the challenges of last year! My greatest hope and prayer is that the Lord would move among the entire Westminster community — students, parents, faculty, staff, donors, alumni — in a way that brings us great joy and peace and brings Him great glory. I hope that God continues to provide for Westminster in a way that enables us to not only serve more families but to serve them better. I hope that Westminster students, including the one who lives under my roof, have interactions every day that point them to the beauty, majesty, and power of our Lord Jesus. Finally, I hope that Westminster is a place where all students can flourish as they grow and mature towards adulthood.

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