Wildcat Tracks: Tina Hughes Knox ’93

One of the mysteries of God’s grace is that it seems to meet us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us. It is a certainty of life that we must face hardships — how we choose to deal with them is up to us. With that grace and a lot of hard work, Tina Knox overcame what felt like insurmountable odds.

“In 2012, I went through an unexpected and very dramatic divorce. My kids and I were left alone and I was not working at the time. I had been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years. In no way was I thinking about a career,” Tina said. “My main concern was to make sure my children would feel as loved as possible. I had no intention of moving them out of the only home or school they had ever known. Our world was completely turned upside down to say the very least. Fear set in, knowing it was not going to be easy starting all over at such a late time in my life.”

Tina leaned on her faith, realizing it was the one sure thing that would see her through.

“I prayed for peace and strength to navigate those uncertain waters. Through God’s strength, I found the determination to press through that dark time to provide a loving environment for my children.”

Tina’s faith walk was encouraged during her time as a student at Westminster. She credits learning in a faith-filled setting with teachers who cared about their students. In particular, she remembers her senior service project as a meaningful highlight, one that influenced her to keep giving back in her current career.

“The Christ focused environment, commitment they pour into their students and teachers, plus the college prep provides the most important foundation for each student that goes far beyond graduation! WCA strives to not only develop students on an academic level but on a community level too. I remember my senior service project and the special impact that had on me. The community organization I volunteered at each week allowed me to see what it was like working and being part of the community. You see first hand how your presence makes a difference. I connected with some very special people during that time.”

Today, Tina is one of St. Louis’ most successful real estate agents; she was awarded the STL Agent of the Year in 2020 (St. Louis Magazine). Tina has also appeared on HGTV’s House Hunters two times, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed.

“I loved meeting the casting crew and producers and hearing about some crazy situations they have experienced with filming. I have such a respect for them and all the filming, editing, and traveling they do to make a single episode.”

Recently, Tina added the title of ‘author’ to her resume. She is a contributor to an upcoming book called “Shift With Intention and Soar! A Guide To Manifesting Your Best Life,” which will be available this month on Amazon.

For Tina, turning her life around with an impressive career is one of her proudest accomplishments, as is her family. She is grateful for her children, Blake and Hannah, and her husband, Jeremy, whom she describes as her best friend.

Tina and her family

“I am honored to serve as a real estate specialist! I have always been drawn to real estate. I knew that was where I wanted to direct my focus and training. Working in real estate allowed me to collaborate with incredible people and form unique bonds with clients who have impacted my life in special ways,” Tina said. “Real Estate has been such an incredible building block for me to overcome insecurities and self-doubt all while helping others with some of their most important investments. My unique experiences and in-depth training have given me deeper skills to advocate for my clients in every type of transaction.”

She never forgot her senior service roots as she continues to donate her time and talents. “I am honored to support The Second Chance Ranch, an animal rescue charity organization, by regularly donating from my closings.”

When asked what advice she might have for others facing difficult, unexpected circumstances, Tina didn’t hesitate. “‘Trials to Triumphs’ is how I would label my life! Opposition and setbacks are a part of our journey, but I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, regardless of how dim or uncertain the path. When we place our faith in God, He will make a way when there is no way and deliver us out of the chaos. I have always believed each of us has a special gift, a purpose that will impact others. God will use the troubles we go through to make us stronger, build our faith, and make a mark in this world that will draw others near Him. Never lose faith, always remember that what we see around us is just temporary. Romans 8:28.”

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