Three Students Published in Grannie Annie, Vol. 14

Seventh graders Caidan Brophy, Hadley McConkey, and Florence Sarra had their historical family stories selected for publication in Grannie Annie, Vol. 14, which will be released in May.

Titles of their stories that will appear in Grannie Annie, Vol. 14, are: “‘Sir, May I Carry Your Bag?'” by Caidan Brophy; “Perils of War” by Hadley M. McConkey; and “Room for Two” by Florence M. Sarra.

The thirty-eight stories in Grannie Annie, Vol. 14, represent the 536 submissions received this year. This is the fourth consecutive year Westminster students have submitted stories and had stories selected for publication.

“Our intent,” said Connie McIntyre, executive director of The Grannie Annie, “is that all participating students have a rich Grannie Annie experience—enhancing their literacy skills, strengthening their family bonds, and discovering that history can be personal and relevant.”

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in St. Louis, The Grannie Annie invites students in U.S. grades 4–8, and homeschooled and international students of comparable ages, to write about something interesting they discover from their family’s history based on their interviews with older relatives.

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