Rev. Luke Davis Publishes Final Church History Book

Luke Davis, chairman of Westminster’s Bible department, has written his fifth and final volume in the Risen Hope church history series for younger readers. Covering the years 1890 to the present day, the book Resolve: The Church That Endures Onward covers the stories of many faithful Christians over the past 135 years. In a fascinating and diverse blend of individuals, Davis shows the grit and determination of many believers to be faithful to Christ in the places where God put them. In addition, the entire series of books is now made available as a five-volume boxed set from Christian Focus Publications in Risen Hope: The Church Throughout History. Davis teaches Church History, Christian Ethics, and Worldviews at Westminster. He also has penned lyrics to more than seventy new hymns and serves as Assisting Priest at the Anglican Church of the Resurrection in Chesterfield.

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