Students Participate in National History Day Contest

Five Westminster students who took part in the Westminster You Enrichment program first semester entered the regional National History Day contest, held virtually this year through the University of Missouri St. Louis, on March 5.

At the Middle School level, the students participating included:

  • Aunika Groat (Documentary Film): The Debate between the Chief Justice Taney and Justice Curtis over the Dred Scott v. Sanford Court Case
  • Bella Thies (Documentary Film): Could Pearl Harbor Have Been Avoided?

At the Upper School level, the students participating included:

  • Addie Draper (Historical Paper): The Debate for Independence: The American Colonies’ Decision to go to War
  • Jonathan Lee (Historical Paper): The Cuban Missile Crisis: How a Meeting Saved the World
  • Logan Jones (Documentary Film): In Their Eyes: The Debate Between Martin Luther King and Malcom X

Addie Draper and Jonathan Lee qualified to move on to the State National History Day Contest in Columbia on April 30.

Jonathan Lee finished second in the state of Missouri and moves on to the National Contest that will take place in June.

Congratulations to all of these students!

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