New Course Helps Students Develop Biblical Worldview

Story by Head of Academic Development Micah Gall

As we seek to consistently fulfill our vision to prepare and equip more young men and women to engage the world and change it for Jesus Christ, our teachers are constantly evaluating curriculum and seeking to fill potential gaps in student understanding of both God’s truth and the world we inhabit. This evaluation often brings about positive change. One such example can be found in our 8th grade Bible classes.

Led by Kable Cunningham and Barbara Murray, our 8th grade Bible curriculum has been transformed into a worldviews class devoted to helping students grasp the deep tenets of a biblical view of the world, so they can, in turn, identify cultural beliefs that don’t align with it. 

On one level, this new curriculum is designed to lay the foundation for Upper School Bible courses, which culminates in our senior-level worldviews class. But on another level, the goal is to help students understand the world in which they live and to more fully embrace the ways in which a biblical lens helps make sense of all that is around them. In a time and place where teenagers are bombarded by different beliefs and arguments for what defines good, this has never been more crucial.

As we wrap up first semester, we’re excited about the results this has already produced, and we’re reminded of what a blessing it is to be part of the Westminster community, where—at all levels—we have the freedom to pursue and embrace God’s truth on a daily basis.

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