Entrepreneurship Class Reopens Pawprint Coffee

Entrepreneurship students reopened Pawprint Coffee under the direction of Mr. Maloy this fall. The class is starting with the basics but hopes to add new drinks and food items—and maybe even try out some specialty drinks. Once operations are stable, the class wants to focus on making the purchasing experience great for students, staff, and parents and find creative ways to positively impact the Westminster culture. “The class is a really cool trial of running a business—we’ve divided into work teams for daily shifts but students are also part of teams for marketing, operations, and finance to help dig into students’ gifts and interests,” Mr. Maloy said. “I’m impressed with the hard work they’ve done so far!”

Stop by for a cup of coffee or tea next time you’re on campus! Pawprint Coffee is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before classes begin.

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