Alumni Spotlight: Eichel Davis ’14

Eichel Davis is making a name for himself. As an undergrad, he created amazing sports videos for Mizzou that went viral. Now, as the creative social specialist for Texas Christian University athletics, Davis develops content for the Horned Frog’s football and baseball teams, as well as all of the department’s sponsored content for IMG properties.

People at Westminster still remember your dream of becoming the next Al Roker. Why the switch to behind the camera?
I was really into meteorology, and I still love weather and all that comes with it, but I decided that I had talents and loves that were way too broad for just one field. I love sports, politics, and music—focusing on creative video allows me the chance to really do whatever I want. Right now that’s sports, and I see myself in sports for a long time, but if there comes a day where I want to do something else, I’ll have that opportunity.

On your blog, you mention that your high school newspaper teacher inspired you to find your voice and say something significant. How are you doing that today?
You know, Von [Scott Vonder Bruegge] was such a huge part of me becoming me, and I make sure to tell him that whenever I see him. He challenged me to always ask “why?” and to really change the world. Every day, I try to keep my values at the core of my decisions. For me, my voice is about people. It’s about equality; it’s about community.

Favorite memory from your time at Westminster?
This is such a hard question. My time at Westminster was incredible. I have so many great memories: senior year Spirit Week, decorating the halls at the old campus, the success in football, the championships in baseball. Teachers like Von, Dan Burke, Beerbower, Mrs. Pike, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Holley were so incredible. They helped me so much. But above all, the 2013 State Championship run by WCA baseball. Those guys were so awesome (many are still my best friends), and being a part of that was so special. It’s something I still think about and get chills. Wow.

How did Westminster prepare you for college?
Westminster was everything. The education was incredible, but, more importantly, the people and the teachers cared—they helped me realize that I could have the biggest of dreams. That is so important for someone going into college. It’s priceless.

Any advice for current Westminster students?
Find your voice, say something significant, and do something magical. Westminster is a great place, with great people, and we were blessed to be there. It’s our job to create similar chances for other people all around the world. Again, it’s about people. It’s about family.

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