Engage the World through Your Profession

The Business and Communications Department prepares and equips students to restore God’s creation.

What does this mean? Practically speaking, our students need to learn how to engage the world and create the products and services that people are using. Westminster equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset so they are fully prepared and equipped to solve real problems, for real audiences, and meet real needs.

To accomplish the goal of a transformed student who loves Jesus in their profession, department classes focus on creating experiences that engage the whole student in doing and knowing. Classroom experiences and learning include:

  • Running a coffee shop
  • Working as marketing consultants for a small business
  • Creating a business to solve a problem within the St. Louis community
  • Writing for the school paper
  • Producing the school news live broadcast
  • Creating the school yearbook

Ultimately, business and communications students cultivate their experiences and practically learn what it means to engage the world for Jesus Christ through their profession.

students and teacher looking at computer

Why Westminster?

We equip students for college, career, and the advancement of Christ's Kingdom.

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