Partner School in South Korea Provides Masks For Teachers

Our partner school in South Korea, Saemmul Christian Academy, which reopened its campus in May, recently donated 2,000 unique masks to Westminster. Saemmul tried many different kinds of masks for their teachers and found that a particular disposal medical mask works better than most, especially for lecturers, speakers, and teachers. These masks provide full coverage and protection yet are lighter weight, which allows teachers to speak for a long time without too many breathing difficulties.

We are so grateful for this generous gift from our partners in Christ on the other side of the world! In a letter to Saemmul Christian Academy, Dr. Mosbacker wrote, “Your kindness is a reflection of Christ’s love that transcends national boundaries.”

Watch a video from the students of Saemmul Christian Academy here.

(Pictured above: Students from Saemmul Christian Academy visit Westminster in January 2020.)

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