First Day of School 2019

In anticipation of the first day of school, sophomore Angelina Spencer narrated and wrote the following:

The first day of school always feels like the beginning of a new, exciting adventure. You don’t have a clue how it will go, and that sense of mystery is the thing that keeps you on your toes. 

After a long, fun summer break, it might seem daunting to have to go back to school once more. There are so many new people on campus that you can’t help but feel a little nervous, but with every new face comes an opportunity to make a new friend.

And of course, there are familiar faces too. Stories of summer fill the halls – hugs and high-fives and laughter abound as friendships are rekindled and new memories made.

You are greeted with a seemingly endless maze of classrooms as you scramble to find the right books and supplies for every hour. With each ring of the bell, you are greeted with a unique cast of teachers and classmates as you hurry from one room to another.

And then, finally, the last bell lets out a triumphant ring, sending a flood of students out the doors of the building. As you make your way back home amidst the chaos, the memories of the day race through your head.

The journey of the first day is over, but this is just the beginning of the challenges and exciting adventures the school year will soon bring.

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