Athlete Spotlight: Colin Ring and Nicki Mabry

Digital Media Coordinator Intern Tommy Briner will highlight male and female athletes throughout the year in the Athlete Spotlight. The purpose of the Athlete Spotlight is to highlight student-athletes who are well-rounded and contribute to the school beyond simply athletic achievement and who represent the Athletic Ten Pillars on their teams and in the school.

Colin Ring

Junior Colin Ring is one of the top runners on the boys cross country team. In his first 5K meet of the season, he finished with a time of 18:17, good enough for sixth place overall. That time helped his team to a second-place overall finish in the meet, but this won’t satisfy the team as they have much bigger plans for the season.

“We hope to make some noise at State and place Top 4 as a team,” Colin said.

However, it’s not just the running that Colin enjoys about the cross country team.

“I can’t speak enough about the culture of our team. Most people I talk to about cross country ask me how we grind out miles on a daily basis, and why would we ever put ourselves through that kind of punishment. The thing is, we don’t see it as toil. The cross country guys are my best friends and some of the nicest guys I know, and its culture is unmatched to any team I have ever been a part of before.”

Even though he maintains his focus and dedication, Colin realizes that running isn’t the most important thing in his life.

“I think it’s super important to have balance in your life, and remember that God, not running or school, should be at the center of our lives,” he said.

Colin is also involved in activities outside of running. He attends youth group regularly at his church and teaches Sunday school to younger kids. He also plays baseball at Westminster and is a Student Council (STUCO) member. Colin currently carries a 4.32 grade point average and says that he really enjoys learning in his classes due to his interesting and engaging teachers.

Colin Ring is a well-rounded student-athlete who strives for excellence in everything that he does. He is also a good friend and strong believer who creates an atmosphere in the school that reflects the Ten Pillars.

Nicki Mabry

Junior Nicki Mabry is a softball and lacrosse player that focuses on building community and meeting new people in all aspects of her life.

“I love being with people, getting to know people, and serving people,” she said.

As a softball player, she has to take on a leadership role because the team is so inexperienced.

“One thing I try to focus on is leading by example. I think it’s a type of leadership that is effective for most people, especially our softball team. Our goals for this season are to have fun, encourage a lot, and to stay consistent in the basics.”

Last season, Nicki and her sister Dani were two of only five returning softball players on the team. That team went on to win a district championship, partly due to the leadership of the Mabry sisters. Nicki has learned a ton from her older sister.

“My sister Dani is my biggest role model,” she said. “She graduated last year and it has been a new experience stepping into her role at home and on the softball team. Dani is the reason I am an FCA leader and the only reason I played lacrosse, which I now love. She shows me how to lead by example and has one of the best work ethics I have ever seen. She’s just amazing.”

As she mentioned, Nicki is an FCA leader. FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and FCA holds weekly meetings to discuss the importance of how faith affects the way Christians play sports.

In addition to FCA, Nicki is a STUCO officer and president of the Class of 2023.

“I have been so blessed with so many opportunities and so many things, so I want to use all of those things God has given me to give to others and ultimately back to him. I want to love like Jesus and Jesus was a leader, but he was a servant first.”

Nicki is heavily involved in athletics and she’s using her talents in that arena to focus on investing in other people.

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