Athlete Spotlight: Abby Moeller and Olivia Bauer

Story and graphics by Tommy Briner, senior

Abby Moeller

Abby Moeller is a junior member of the varsity dance team (VDT).

“I’ve been dancing for eight years and am overjoyed to continue practicing with my team at Westminster,” Abby said.

Abby enjoys being a part of the Westminster community, and being a member of the dance team helps her to connect.

“Westminster allows me to be a part of an enjoyable, close-knit community and get to know new people from various grades. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to entertain the school with our performances and show support for our basketball and football teams,” she said.

Outside of school, she says she enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to the movies. Abby is also a strong student, holding a 4.49 grade point average.

“I enjoy learning in an environment where I am surrounded by teachers and other students who all voice their own interesting perspectives and opinions.”

Olivia Bauer

Olivia Bauer is also a junior dancer and has been on the VDT since she was a freshman. This year she was selected as a captain.

“My goals this season are to grow as a strong leader and serve as a positive role model for my teammates, especially the underclassmen. Our team size has grown from last year and I’m so excited to see what God has in store for us this year,” Olivia said.

Obviously, there is a very tight relationship between the members of the dance team, who spend countless days together throughout the year.

“This team has always been and will continue to be such a huge blessing in my life. I love the close bond that is built within our team and how we can rely on and encourage each other,” she said.

Outside of VDT, Olivia is a part of a competition dance team at her studio. She’s also a member of the National Honor Society and a student council member.

“I’ve always had a busy schedule, but I love being involved both inside and outside of school and have learned how to manage my time well.”

Olivia is a strong student as well, and she says that what she enjoys most about her classes is connecting and building relationships with her teachers and classmates. She holds a 4.01 grade point average.

When asked about attending Westminster Olivia said, “Having the opportunity to go to Westminster has lead me to grow my relationship with God and grow as a person. The friendships I’ve made here are so special and I don’t take them for granted.”

Both Olivia and Abby are dedicated students and dancers who work to create a strong sense of community around Westminster and on the dance team.

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