Athlete Spotlight: Luke Laughlin and Heidi Hightower

Story and graphics by Tommy Briner, senior

Luke Laughlin

Luke Laughlin is a junior soccer player. In his second year as a Varsity player, his personal goals are simple: score more goals than he did last year.

“As a sophomore I scored 7 goals, so I would be very happy to outscore my younger self,” he said. 

Luke is a part of the core that has led his team to one of their most successful seasons in recent history. At a current record of 9-6, the team ranks second in their four-team District.  

“We want to win Districts. This has always been a goal for the team and I think this year it is truly attainable.”

If they’re going to win Districts, they’ll have to first get past undefeated Rockwood Summit. To do that, the Wildcats will have to play their best game of the year while doing what they do: playing as a team and playing for each other.

“The best thing about playing soccer at WCA is the relationships you make. Spending two hours every day with the same people after school for months while doing something you love creates relationships and bonds that you wouldn’t find anywhere else,” Luke said.

Off the field, Luke manages to stay involved. He attends a youth group at his church and plays the guitar for their band. He recognizes the importance of exercising his talents where he can.

“I think it’s important to use the gifts God has given me and not put them to waste. I am very thankful for all the talents I have and enjoy using them to glorify God and help others.”

Luke is well-known throughout the hallways as one of the friendliest and most outgoing personalities at Westminster. His soccer skills, along with his great attitude, are a main reason for his team’s success this year.

Heidi Hightower

Heidi Hightower is a senior volleyball player. As a captain, she hopes to leave something more than just wins on the court behind when she is no longer a player.

“My goal this year is to foster a culture within the team so that when all of us seniors leave, the underclassmen remember what we brought to the court,” she said.

So far, her team is successful in this aspect. 

“I have never experienced a closer team than this one. We are all such great friends in and out of season, and this really helps us with our connection on the court. Most of us played on our coach’s first team when he came to WCA and we have really bonded with him and his family too.”

Westminster students aren’t the only athletes that the volleyball team seeks to affect. The team offers to pray with the players from the opposing team after each match.

“This gives us an opportunity to share our faith and remember that we play ‘for Him’,” she said.

Outside of season, Heidi is a student council officer and a cultural ambassador. She will also manage the boys volleyball team for the fourth time this spring.

“I like to be a part of the school that has done so much for me, it’s almost like I’m giving something back by working in student council and helping my coach during the boys volleyball season. For me, being active at Westminster is like saying thank you to all of those who have worked hard for me.”

In the classroom, Heidi is thankful for the relationships that she’s formed at Westminster. 

“I can’t imagine attending another school because I feel like nothing can compare to the culture the teachers create for us,” she said.

As a volleyball player, Heidi is a strong leader, and she’s also giving back to her school through the service she does from student council to being a manager.

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