Athlete Spotlight: Matthew Kinney and Zoe Lintner

Story and graphics by Tommy Briner, senior

Matthew Kinney

Matthew Kinney is a junior swimmer and tennis player. Although tennis is his main sport and something he’s played for a long time, he started out playing a different sport.

“I grew up playing ping pong in my basement, and I thought tennis would be fun too, and look where I am now,” he said.

Matthew has a couple of main goals for the upcoming season.

“My goals in tennis this year are to impress my coaches, get stronger, and become a better tennis player overall.”

He also has some other goals for himself that will help him and his team along the path.

“I want to remain motivated even when I feel like doing absolutely nothing…I want to build up my fellow teammates by leading them to success and victory. I also want to make friendships with underclassmen so they can be confident in their futures,” Matthew said.

On the subject of teammates, Matthew enjoys spending time with them.

“I really love the personalities of all my teammates. They’re hilarious, but serious at the right times. I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to be on a team with.”

Because of his size, people often ask Matthew if he plays football or basketball. Matthew has to be the bearer of bad news as he tells him that he’s just a tennis player.

Outside of sports, Matthew is involved in a youth group at Covenant. He also regularly attends Fellowship of Christian Athletes on Tuesday nights.

In the classroom, Matthew is dedicated to his studies and thankful for the chance to attend Westminster.

Matthew shows his dedication in all areas of his life, whether sports, school, or other activities.

“I feel blessed to be at this school with great teachers and classmates all around me. I am definitely going to miss it,” he said.

Zoe Lintner

Zoe Lintner is a junior soccer player. She is a star goalie and has started in goal for Westminster since her freshman year. In both of those years, the girls soccer team has won the district championship. Zoe wants to keep that trend going.

“I want to win Districts for the third time,” Zoe said about her goals for the team.

She also has high aspirations for herself.

“I also want to make one of the All-State teams. I made second-team All-State my freshman year, but I want to make it again. I also focus on getting as many shutouts as possible.”

Zoe almost didn’t play soccer for Westminster.

“My freshman year, my club team was still playing, but I made the decision to play high school about a month before tryouts,” she said.

The team is glad to have her. The soccer girls, who have quietly been one of the best sports teams at Westminster in recent years (only the baseball team has won their district the last two seasons), are a close group of people.

“I like the people I’ve become friends with through soccer,” Zoe said. “I’ve gotten to make a lot of really close friends with people in other grades.”

She also likes the team’s attitude.

“The team can have a lot of fun during practice and before games but during the game we all work hard and focus.”

Off the field, Zoe works at Dick’s Sporting Goods and referees Catholic Youth Council (CYC) soccer games. She also volunteers at church. Zoe is a strong student and carries a 3.89 grade point average.

Most of all, she has an awareness of what really matters.

“I guess I want high school to be more than just grades and whatnot,” she said. “I like to stay busy and be involved. I can build a lot of relationships and friendships through extracurricular activities that I wouldn’t otherwise make.”

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