Athlete Spotlight: Aiden Davitt and Ava Hollmann

Story and graphics by Tommy Briner, senior

Aiden Davitt

Aiden Davitt is a senior football and volleyball player. He’s played football since seventh grade at Westminster, and this year, he wants to push the team forward in his final year. 

“My football goals for this year are to advance the program I’ve been a part of the last six years,” he said, “ I definitely like being one of the top dogs this year. The brotherhood is my favorite thing about this team and football in general.”

Aiden is a captain and starting defensive lineman, following in the footsteps of his brother Mason who played defensive line for Westminster and graduated in 2016. 

“I love hanging out with my brothers. My brother was on the football team. All three of them went through Westminster and I’d like to leave it better than I found it.”

Aiden is also a volleyball player because of his brothers. Both of his other siblings, Colin and Ethan, played on the volleyball team, and Ethan’s team won a State Championship in 2015.

Outside of sports, Davitt is an involved community leader. 

“I am an FCA leader this year so we meet every Tuesday night for a meal and fellowship. I lead a peer counseling group. I attend youth group at Covenant. I also work at Chick-Fil-A,” he said.

Although it is hard to follow in the footsteps of his brother who was the valedictorian in his class, Aiden still shines in the classroom. He holds a grade point average of 3.93 and enjoys his classes because he’s been able to form real relationships with his teachers the past two years.

Overall, Aiden’s dedication and involvement in the school makes Westminster a better place and he is a bright spot in the lives of younger Westminster students.

“I’ve been here at Westminster since 7th grade and I always looked up to the highschoolers. I had a PC leader and FCA leader. I want to be what these upperclassmen were to me. I want to be someone they can look up to, a role model.”

Ava Hollmann

Ava Hollmann is a senior cross country and track runner. As the fastest runner on the girls cross country team, she prides herself on hard work and dedication in everything she does, from training to recovery. Outside of sports, she holds the same values in her schoolwork. 

“I commit a lot of my time to running and academics, but I think both have still made me a generally-well rounded person,” she said.

One of Ava’s favorite parts about running cross country is the people who run with her and the effects that running has on those people. She says that the sport has taken goal-oriented people like herself and turned them into gritty, tough athletes and people, all the while developing a tight-knit group of girls. Ava also noted that, because the team is made up of individuals who have a strong faith in Christ, the main goal for them is not just to be the fastest group of runners.

“Since we’re a Christian team, our goal is not performance-based; it’s always to run for the glory of God. I’ve never seen more character transformation because of the nature of sport and how God has been able to reveal Himself through it,” she said.

Ava is a very thoughtful and introspective Christian and she is not limited to just running. She is a member of the National Honor Society and she says that she likes to walk dogs, read, write poetry, and bake when she’s not running or doing school work.

“Even though I don’t do a million clubs for the sake of saying I did them, I have chosen what I’m involved in very intentionally, as I greatly value the time and relationships I commit while doing them. Plus, I view my parents’ ability to send me to WCA as an investment, so I like to think of anything else I can give back as a return on the investment before I get to college. I have found that students at WCA are pretty incredible in their desire to actually make things count, and to make a difference, and I want to be around those people as much as possible.”

In the classroom, Ava is a strong and engaged student, as well as a member of the newspaper staff who can be counted on to write a satirical opinion story for every issue.

“I love discussions about things that actually matter, like relevant cultural or political issues, or topics that relate to our current school atmosphere.”

Ava holds a grade point average of 4.33. Her quiet nature does not make her stand out in a crowd, but that does not bother her. Ava knows that her thoughtfulness and quiet determination create opportunities for her to be a role model and life-changing figure for those that spend a lot of time with her.

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