Glenn Adams

Athletics Assistant

Bennie Anderson

US History

Shelby Anderson

MS English

Heather Atkinson

US Paraprofessional


Butler B'ynote

Assistant Dean of Students/US Football Asst. Coach

Peter Barrs

World Languages Department Chair/US World Languages

Dale Beachy

MS Math

Jodi Berkland


Jamie Berkmeyer

MS Math

Laura Berry

US Science

Jennifer Bilder

US Special Services

Ken Boesch

US History

Karen Bowman

Global Education Coordinator

Steve Bradley

Asst Athletic Director/US Girls Golf Head Coach

Susie Brown

Director of Student Life

Sarah Brubaker

MS Math

Dan Burke

11th/12th Grade Principal / US English

Brian Burkey

US Bible/US Boys Golf Head Coach

Dani Butler

Head of Student Development

Gina Butterfield

US Science

Jim Butz

US Drama


Isabelle Castle

MS Science

Angella Chapell

MS English

Quentin Cockerham

Theatre Technician Director

Brooke Cogan

US Math/US Girls Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Kable Cunningham

Bible Department Co-Chair/MS Bible

Brian Cupps

US Math/Math Center Tutor


Luke Davis

Bible Department Co-Chair

Mike Decker

Director of STEM/MS & US STEM

Anne DeRousse

Asst Director of Teaching and Learning/MS Science

Christina DeVerger

US World Languages

Emily Dierking

US Visual Art

Renee Dunn

US World Languages


Jeff Eastham

MS & US PE/Health/US Boys Basketball Asst. Coach


Todd Fuller

Head of Finance and Operations / US Business & Communications


Micah Gall

Head of Academic Development/US English

Jeff Gall

History Department Chair

Eric Gargrave

MS & US Instrumental Music

Gretchen Gorline

US Math & Science

Kim Graham

9th/10th Grade Principal / US English

Alicia Green

US Special Services


David Haas

US Math

Tim Hall

US Science

Lisa Harding

US Science

Tina Hassler

MS Special Services

Codi Heefner

US Special Services

Rick Hendricks

US Spanish/US Boys Swim Head Coach

Stephen Hess

US Bible

Caroline Hinrichs

US English

Scott Holley

US English

Elizabeth Holliday

US English


Rex Janssen

US Math/US Boys & Girls Golf Asst Coach

Cherie Johnson

US English


Marjan Kempen

Academic Hub Facilitator/US Girls Swim Asst. Coach

Han Kim

Director of Audio/Visual

Chris Knerr

US History

Jamie Kuhn

Physical Education Department Chair


Aaron Layton

Coordinator for Minority Community Development & Inclusion/MS Bible

Dan Legters

US World Languages/US Boys Soccer Head Coach/US Girls Soccer Asst. Coach

Mindy LeVar

MS & US Fine Arts / Law & Constitution Academy Lead

David Lochmann

MS History/US Baseball Asst. Coach

Sarah Loyal

US World Languages


Brian Maloy

Business & Communications Department Chair / Business Academy Lead

Jolena Mayfield

US Math/Math Center Tutor

Gina Meeks

MS World Languages

Dawn Mohrmann

MS & US World Languages

Tim Muehleisen

Dean of Students


Taylor Orr

English Department Co-Chair/MS English

David Ottolini

Director of Spiritual Life

Steve Ottolini

US Bible & Psychology


Allison Pautler

MS Math/MS PE/MS Registrar & Activities Coordinator

Chris Pederson

Director of Special Services

JD Perona

Math Department Chair/US Girls Lacrosse Head Coach

Dan Petke

US PE & Health/US Baseball & Softball Head Coach

Amanda Pinckard

MS & US Visual Art

Karen Pollack

College & Career Counselor

Jonathan Powers

MS & US Gifted Program


Genevieve Ralston

US Science

Dale Ribble

Major Gift Officer/US Boys Basketball Head Coach

Carrie Roberts

MS & US String Orchestra

Kyle Roff

US English

Mallory Rohlfing

US Science

Gina Rosenberg

MS Drama/US English

Heather Roth

7th and 8th Grade Principal/MS English


John Sarra

Director of Fine Arts & Department Chair for Visual Arts

Beth Schneider

Testing Center Paraprofessional

Allen Schwamb

Department Chair for Performing Arts

Matt Seilback

US Bible/Club Coordinator

Andrew Shaw

Science Department Co-Chair

Jeff Shultz

US Math & Science

Lauren Simpson

US English

Melody Sitzes

MS Special Services

Nicole Snyder

MS Paraprofessional

Maggie Sperber

US Math and Science

Ali Stewart

MS Special Services

Jacob Stull

US Business


Kristi Terschak


Heidi Thies

English Department Co-Chair/US English

Kim Thoenen


Karen Thompson

Science Department Co-Chair/MS Science

Heather Thompson



Rich Van Gilst

US Math

Trish Van Valkenburgh

US Science

Lizzie Vogel

Visual Art

Scott Vonder Bruegge

Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation


Karin Wagner

US Special Services

Howard Warren

US History

Katie Wilkins

MS Paraprofessional

Sandy Winchester

US Science

Bea Wittock

US Paraprofessional

Ken Wolfe

MS Bible/MS English

Ashley Woodall

Assistant Director of Student Life


Josh Yergler

MS History

Rachel Yost

MS & US Special Services


Todd Zell

US Math/US Softball, Boys Basketball, and Baseball Asst. Coach