Gracie Adams

US Field Hockey Asst. Coach

Bennie Anderson

US Track Head Coach


Susan Barbee

US Girls Tennis Asst. Coach

Elizabeth Barker

US Girls Tennis Asst. Coach

Dominic Barresi

US Wrestling Asst. Coach

Shawn Benedict

US Girls Baskeball Asst. Coach

Steve Bradley

MS Science/Asst Athletic Director/US Girls Golf Head Coach

Steve Braun

US Girls Dive Coach

Suzanne Bright

US Cheer Asst. Coach

Alfonso Brown

US Boys Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Kevin Brown

Assistant Athletic Director/US Baseball Asst. Coach

Brian Burkey

MS & US Bible/US Boys Golf Head Coach

Crystal Burklo

US Cheer Head Coach


Shauna Collison

US Girls Basketball Asst. Coach

Bryndyn Crutcher

US Math/US Boys & Girls Volleyball Head Coach


Mike Decker

MS & US STEM/US Football Asst. Coach

Matt Drochelman

US Football Asst. Coach


Laurie Franz

US Boys Tennis Asst. Coach

Ryan Froehlich

US Baseball Asst. Coach


Richie Graham

US Boys Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Stephon Greenlee

US Football Asst. Coach/US Track Asst. Coach


Steve Hackman

US Track Asst. Coach

Sue Harris

MS & US Paraprofessional/US Boys Volleyball Asst. Coach

Gretchen Haughey

US Boys Dive Coach

Nile Heefner

MS Bible/US Boys Cross Country Head Coach

Laurie Hemmer

US Boys Soccer Asst. Coach

Keith Herring

Asst Dean of Students/US PE/US Football Head Coach

Joan Holley

US Field Hockey Asst. Coach


Rex Janssen

US Math/US Boys & Girls Golf Asst Coach

Mark Jennings

Director of Facilities/US Boys Volleyball Asst. Coach

Bailei Johnson

US Girls Volleyball

Jennifer Johnston

US Field Hockey Asst. Coach/US Girls Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Madeline Jolly

US Boys and Girls Tennis Head Coach


Kent Kehr

Director of Technology/US Boys and Girls Swim Head Coach

Kristin Keller

Marjan Kempen

Academic Hub Facilitator/US Boys and Girls Swim Asst. Coach

Kaitlin Kittelson

US Girls Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Garrett Kochner

US Boys Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Jamie Kuhn

MS & US PE/Health/US Girls Lacrosse Head Coach


Shannon Lawrence

Athletics Assistant/US Girls Basketball Head Coach

Bill Lawrence

Aaron Layton

Coord. of Minority Community Outreach/MS & US History

Dan Legters

US World Languages/US Boys Soccer Head Coach/US Girls Soccer Asst. Coach

Mike Lemp

US Boys Basketball and Baseball Asst. Coach

Grace Linton

US Dance Head Coach

Katherine Love

Athletic Trainer


Ally McReynolds-Gardner

US Softball and Girls Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Jennifer Meyer

US Girls Cross Country Head Coach and Track Asst. Coach

Larry Minner

US Track Head Coach

Greg Moore

US Football Asst. Coach

Tim Muehleisen

Dean of Students

Mark Muehleisen

US Wrestling Asst. Coach


Chris Pederson

11th and 12th Grade Principal/US Special Services

Dean Penberthy

US Hockey Head Coach

JD Perona

MS Math

Dan Petke

US History/US Baseball & Softball Head Coach

John Pettis

US Boys Lacrosse Head Coach

Allen Pettis

US Boys Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Olivia Pierson

US Visual Arts

Jacob Pinkley

US Boys Cross Country and Track Asst. Coach

Chris Pitts

US Boys Basketball Asst. Coach

Judy Pritchett

US Girls Soccer Asst. Coach


Sharon Reilly

US Boys and Girls Tennis Asst. Coach

Dale Ribble

MS & US Physical Education/US Boys Basketball Head Coach

Billy Rock

US Baseball Asst. Coach

Scott Rupprecht

US Boys Tennis Asst. Coach


Nancy Schmer

US Field Hockey Head Coach

Greg Schoenberg

US PE/Strength & Conditioning Head Coach/US Football Asst. Coach

David Shapleigh

US Math/US Boys & Girls Soccer Asst. Coach

Veronica Shead

US Track Asst. Coach

James Smith

US Boys Basketball Asst. Coach

Warren Smith

US Science/US Girls Soccer Asst. Coach

Jacob Stull

US Football Asst. Coach

Annie Sullivan

Physical Education Department Chair/US Girls Basketball Asst. Coach


Irene Taranhike

US Field Hockey Asst. Coach

Owen Tarantino

US Girls Cross Country Asst. Coach

Nate Thobaben

US Wrestling Asst. Coach

Edward Thompson

US Boys Basketball Asst. Coach


Jake Wadley

US Wrestling Head Coach

Kelsey Willey

US Girls Volleyball Asst. Coach

Jacob Worrell

US Baseball Asst. Coach