What kinds of iPad skills will be taught?

As students become familiar with the iPad through the course of the school year, they will learn a wide range of skills.

It is our goal for each student to have a strong working knowledge of the functionality and capability of his/her digital device. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we have outlined some baseline skills for both device usage and a few key productivity apps that will be utilized across the curriculum.

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Device Usage

File Management

  • Find, open, save, and close local files located on the tablet

  • Find, move, copy, open, and save files stored in the cloud

  • Create new folders, and navigate through nested folders

  • Follow standard filename conventions

  • Change existing file and folder names

Network Skills

  • Identify key features and practices of email etiquette

  • Locate and select network printers

  • Change printer settings (e.g. duplex, portrait vs. landscape printing)

  • View classes and assignments via Veracross

  • Download attachments and post to forums

  • Use myWestminster to view announcements, school schedules, and access classes

  • Learn how to access information through student portal on school website

  • Learn how to change passwords

Productivity Skills


  • Bold, italicize, and underline text

  • Change font style and size

  • Change the alignment of text

  • Change the default document template

  • Adjust page borders

  • Insert page numbers

  • Insert footnotes

  • Insert and format a table

  • Insert and format an image

  • Create columns


  • Insert and format text

  • Sort by columns

  • Graphing


  • Select a predefined theme and apply it to all slides

  • Insert and format text

  • Insert and format an image

  • Insert and format a table

  • Change font style and size

  • Bold, italicize, and underline text

  • Record voice-over narration

  • Insert a hyperlink

  • Insert a video clip

  • Build elements onto a slide

  • Transition between slides

  • Insert and format shapes

Google Apps

  • Send and receive email through the iPad Mail app and through the website link

  • Setup iCal to access their Google Calendar

  • Add and edit events in iCal/ Google Calendar

  • View Google Docs


  • Film video

  • Insert video clips and still images into a movie

  • Insert text

  • Apply transitions between scenes

  • Record voice-over narration

  • Insert a song or recording

  • Export video to Google Apps for Westminster’s private YouTube


  • Use note-taking apps (e.g., Notability)

  • Annotate PDFs and other documents

Digital Citizenship

Students should be familiar with the attitudes and behaviors associated with positive participation in online activities related to:

  • Intellectual property rights, plagiarism and illegal downloading of music and video files

  • Responsible posting of messages and pictures to social networking sites and email

  • Understanding and responding to cyber bullying

  • Balancing appropriate amount of screen time with other activities

  • Using proper methods for documenting and attributing content