Westminster Christian Academy: Meeting Parents’ Goals

By Peggy Johnson / Director of Admissions

iconsResearch shows that most parents have the same educational goals for their children – that they would develop good study habits, self-discipline, strong critical thinking and communication skills, and proficiency in reading and math as the result of a challenging curriculum. Yet Christian school parents want more for their children. Beyond a strong academic education, these parents want a moral foundation and have a higher standard of behavior than the average parent. For the Christian school parent, it is important that his/her child walks into a place, each day, where he/she is known. Where the community is tight. Where the values taught at home and at church are consistently modeled, taught, and praised.

At Westminster the shared mission of the home, church, and school creates a strong sense of belonging for students and parents. This sense of belonging – along with a commitment to a core curriculum that motivates all students of varying academic abilities and interests to learn at their highest potential – has drawn thousands of families to explore Westminster for their children. The values we share in Christ create real community. And it is this community that gives the family an unparalleled experience from which their student will benefit for years to come.