10th Grade

10th Grade Events

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Upper School Finals

In order to provide the opportunity for meaningful assessment at the end of each semester, our final exams mirror our core academic principles, calling upon students to utilize all four levels of Marzano’s taxonomy – Retrieval, Comprehension, Analysis, and Knowledge Utilization.

Exams are structured as follows: 

    1. Finals are cumulative.

    2. Ninety-minute exam times. This timeframe is similar to our block schedule, making it easier for students to prepare for final assessments because they are familiar with testing of this length.

    3. Students will remain in their exam room for the full 90 minutes, at which time they will be dismissed. This change limits distraction during testing. However, upper school students needing additional time to complete their exam may have an additional 30 minutes.


 Our goal with all final assessments is that every exam would represent the depth of learning that occurs within our program.

View Fall 2018 Finals Schedule

Upper School Fall Semester Finals Schedule (December 2018)

Friday, December 14

8–9:30 a.m. History
9:30–10 a.m. Extended Time
10–10:30 a.m. Break
10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Math
12–12:30 p.m. Extended Time

Monday, December 17 

8–9:30 a.m. Bible
9:30–10 a.m. Extended Time
10–10:30 a.m. Break
10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Science
12–12:30 p.m. Extended Time

Tuesday, December 18 

8–9:30 a.m. World Language
9:30–10 a.m. Extended Time
10–10:30 a.m. Break
10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Make-up exams
12–12:30 p.m. Extended Time

Classroom Technology for Sophomores

As pioneers of Westminster’s iPad program, we know that our 10th grade class is full of iPad experts. So why is the iPad no longer required for 10th grade students? That’s a great question, and one we apologize for not addressing sooner. It’s important that you know the iPad is encouraged in the 10th grade. It is just no longer the only utilized device.

At Westminster, we believe student learning is enhanced when we harness the best tools at our disposal. Because the internet is one of these tools and there are multiple devices that access it, we have chosen the iPad as the common means to do this in grades 7-9. As students move on to the upper grades, we will give families the freedom to choose devices that will allow their students to interact with the requirements of the classrooms they are in, while also not being tied to any one single piece of hardware.

Moving forward, our teachers will continue to work within some primary applications such as Showbie and Google Classroom. Our teachers will continue to learn how to better harness the power of the devices that students bring into the classroom. They will also operate from the standpoint of “digital first, paper second,” while understanding that neither are mutually exclusive. The right tool at the right time is the mindset we are after. So sophomores, please bring the right tool for you.