The Transition

As students make the transition from Middle School to Upper School, questions or concerns might arise about the change in schedule and workload, the change in social dynamics, and what the next four years will look like.

If you or your student ever need to speak to a counselor about this transition, please contact us so that we can offer our support to help make it a positive experience!

Each year will bring new changes as your student continues to grow and develop. Following is a brief description of what to expect as your student moves through Upper School.

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 9th Grade 

Social dynamics change for both males and females, resulting in new ways to navigate friendships. Be available to support and talk to your student about these changes. Expect to see more interest in guy/girl relationships. Talk about this as a family and set reasonable, age-appropriate limits on guy/girl activities.

10th Grade 

Students start driving, and some say that adolescents score lower on impulse control and decision making at this time than at any other time of development. Talk with your student and set limits regarding their driving privileges.

11th Grade

Students sometimes feel a lot of stress as they manage a challenging upper school curriculum, along with preparing for college admission. This is a good time to talk with your student about the importance of balance in life, managing stress, and trusting in God’s plan for the future.

12th Grade

Senior year continues to challenge students academically. They desire even more autonomy, yet the transition to post-secondary plans can produce anxiety. This is a good opportunity to encourage your student to focus on the strengths that God has given him or her. Conversations about finances, how to make decisions, and time management are also important!