Weight LiftingTestimonials

“Strength & Conditioning drastically improved my golf game. I would not have been 2nd in State without it.”
Matt Brugner ’12, golf

“Westminster Strength & Conditioning gave me the knowledge and foundation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for years to come. It also taught me that what you put in, you get out.”
Landon Burke ’12, football

“I encourage everyone to take the class. I was MORE than prepared going into college workouts.”
Ellie Huffman ’12, softball and soccer – current softball player at St. Louis University

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“In 10 months, I gained 9 mph on my velocity and 15 lbs of muscle”
Alec Mitchell ’11, baseball -current baseball player at Covenant College

“Westminster Strength & Conditioning helped me prepare for the upcoming lacrosse season by helping me become faster and stronger.”
Ellie Collett ’12, lacrosse

“One of the reasons I loved being in the program is because of the brotherhood and friendships it formed”
David Thomas ’12, football

“Strength and Conditioning has helped me become both physically and emotionally stronger. It motivates me to become a better athlete and a better person.”
Lucy Sell ’15, cheerleading

“Strength & Conditioning  has helped me not only on the field, but off the field as well. I am confident in my body appearance and it has helped me realize that I can do anything if I work for it. On the field I feel fierce and powerful in anything that I do because I know that I’m not going to get knocked over by anyone.”
Courtney McGhee ’13, soccer, tennis, and softball