Taste of Westminster FAQs

How do we purchase dinners?
You can purchase dinners online or at the Bookstore (only cash or check accepted; you cannot use a Bookstore/Café account).

Do we need tickets or receipts for Taste of Westminster dinners?
No; you only need to purchase your dinners. As you arrive, we’ll check off names.

What if our family members arrive at separate times?
Not a problem! We keep track of how many dinners per family are served.

What if we want another student to use one of our meals?
If you can, please email Lisa Rupprecht to let her know. If not, your student must be present to tell us. 

Can we buy dinners at the door?
No. Dinner reservations must be made on/before January 22 at 11:59 p.m. If you want to check after the dinners are completed, and we have leftover dinners, you can purchase a dinner for $7 at that time.