STEM Seminar: Dr. David Thompson

Dr. Thompson is currently manager of the ADME/Toxicology group in R&D at the Sigma-Aldrich Life Sciences and Technology Center in St. Louis.  He attended Wheaton College as an undergraduate and majored in biology.  He then continued his education at the University of Minnesota where he received a master’s degree in environmental health and later a PhD in biochemical toxicology from Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Thompson has worked as a toxicologist in academic, government, industrial, and pharmaceutical settings.  These include the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (North Carolina), Texas A&M University, and Searle/Pharmacia/Pfizer pharmaceutical companies (St. Louis) prior to joining Sigma-Aldrich in 2010. His current work focuses on the development of cell-based bioassays for toxicologists and drug metabolism scientists utilizing zinc finger nucleases as highly specific genome editing tools. He thinks toxicology is a great field to consider for students who are interested in science.

STEM: Dr. David Thompson Part 1

STEM: Dr. David Thompson Part 2