The Spirit Book, filled with complete details for the week!

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Due to limited interest and participation, the multi-grade Blue Man Stomp performance has been canceled this year.

NEW: Prop Guidelines for All Large Events

Any single prop or instrument item must be able to be carried by one person (not rolled) and fit through a single door frame. On Community Night, students will be carrying props very quickly from the Arena to the Old Gym.

NEW: A subtitle will be required for all Film Project submissions

Cost of Participation

Individual costume cost limits will be noted in the Spirit Book.

  • Costume cost/contribution limits are in place to keep such factors from prohibiting student participation.
  • While some items will need to be purchased (costume pieces or prop components), the total cost should not exceed the maximum per-person limit. Students should use items they already own.
  • Parents should not be expected to “donate” costly items.
  • Students should not have to pay to rehearse, and parents should not be encouraged to pay for practice locations.

Please note that practices for large events may not begin until Monday, January 16.