Special ServicesSpecial Services

Special Services supports the educational needs of students with diagnosed disabilities.

Participation in the Special Services program requires the completion of additional application forms, available through the Admissions Office. The cost of enrollment in the Special Services program (charged in addition to student tuition) is determined by the program option in which the student is enrolled.

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Learning Center (LC) services are designed for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, language processing impairments, and/or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. The Learning Center program offers limited remedial work in reading and writing but primarily runs parallel to and supports the existing curriculum. The goal of this program, which provides accommodations for and adaptation to each student’s classes, is to give students the tools to succeed in an academic environment and function as independent learners.

Extended Learning Center (ELC) services are designed for students with significant learning needs that require small-group and one-to-one attention much of the day. While inclusion in regular classes with paraprofessionals is provided, remediation and life/social skills training may also be provided in small, intensive classes. Students with diagnostic profiles that include multiple learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD/ADD), mild autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), and mild developmental delays will be considered for the program.

Program Options

  • Fulltime —
Most students are enrolled in this option. These students receive daily instruction from the Special Services faculty in many of the areas listed above.
  • Consultative —
The consultative student has completed a course of study from the Special Services faculty and is ready to function independently with minor support. An ISP is maintained for the diagnosed disability, and the Special Services faculty maintains a consultative relationship with the student’s teachers.

If you have any questions, please email the Admissions Office or call 314.997.2900.