Parents make all the difference.

Parents Advancing Westminster (PAW), Westminster’s parent organization, supports the school’s mission, and programs through volunteer effort.

PAW is designed to bring Westminster parents together to use their combined gifts, talents, and ideas to serve the school, build Christian community, and further the Westminster vision. If you have a student or have had a student at Westminster, you are PAW!

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1. I am a Westminster parent and would like to participate in activities at the school, but I am not exactly sure how to go about connecting. Can you help?
You bet! As a parent at Westminster, you have many opportunities to volunteer for and participate in various school activities. The best way to connect is to contact Lisa Rupprecht in the Advancement Office or a PAW volunteer, who would be happy to discuss how to plug you in at Westminster.

2. I am a parent at Westminster and have heard about PAW. What is it?
Great question! PAW is an acronym for Parents Advancing Westminster. You might think of it as a traditional school’s PTO, though we spend more time and effort serving the school and its many activities, from academics to athletics and the arts. You likely see members of PAW serving at Westminster every time you’re there.

3. I work full-time and have three kids at school. I would like to serve but am not available during the day. So is it impossible for me to get involved?
No! Most activities, including athletics or arts events, happen after business hours; we would love you to join our army of volunteers! There is absolutely a way for you to serve at Westminster even if you have a busy schedule.

4. Our family has been at Westminster for a number of years, but I do not feel particularly connected with the school. Do you have any ideas?
Absolutely! Because you are a Westminster family, you are already a member of PAW. Volunteering your time and God-given talents is a great way to meet other families and confirm that we are all a part of God’s Kingdom! With that understanding, volunteering becomes easy!

5. I am neither crafty nor gifted in the kitchen, and my student is not interested in athletics. How can I become involved with PAW?
Easy! PAW is present in many ways at Westminster, whether at Concessions or in the Bookstore; in prayer groups or at the Coffee Bar; from picture-taking to providing support in the testing center. If you have a willing heart, we can find a way to plug you in!

If you have any additional questions or are interested in serving, email PAW Presidents Rich and Diane Barthelmass.

PAW Board 2017-18

Presidents: Rich and Diane Barthelmass

Vice Presidents: Brad and Melissa Davitt

Secretaries: Mike and Shari Radloff

Treasurers: Tim and Kathy Scharr

Past Presidents: Tim and Susan Andrews

Chairs of Class Activities: Linda Trost / Lisa Rupprecht

Chairs of Parent-Supported Programs: Sam and Anita Chimento

Chairs of Parent-Led Events: Amy Siebenman / Jeff and Janeane Lang

Chairs of Fine Arts: Jimmy and Debora Kellom / Kevin and Loren Wilson

Chairs of Athletics: Rick and Beth Andrews