Our Philosophy of Education

Westminster is an independent coeducational, 7-12th grade college preparatory school founded on the following:

  • We believe that God is the creator and sustainer of all things and that Jesus Christ is the only redeemer of our fallen world. As a covenantal school, we are committed, in partnership with home and church, to a quality education based on these truths.
  • We believe that our curriculum provides an academically diverse student body with knowledge in the traditional liberal arts and the skills and wisdom to apply that knowledge. Teachers are committed to designing and employing creative teaching strategies to meet this goal.
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  • We believe that a complete education transforms knowledge into practical action. The development and application of Christian character, through leadership training, community service, cocurricular programs, and the building of relationships, are essential outgrowths of our educational perspective.
  • We believe that trust, respect, and open communication are the foundation for the school program and the community atmosphere. We expect staff and students to exemplify biblical standards in their attitudes and life-styles and to take personal responsibility for the growth and development of others.