Our Educational Objectives

A Westminster Christian Academy education will encourage students to:

  • Respond personally to the gift of salvation;
  • Develop a biblical value system that guides decision making;
  • Develop individuality and self-acceptance based on God’s grace and truth alone;
  • Accept and appreciate all people as God’s image-bearers;
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  • Recognize, embrace, and participate in the interpersonal relationships within the community;
  • Develop basic competencies and applicable skills in theology, sciences, physical education, humanities, foreign languages, and practical and fine arts;
  • Become life-long learners;
  • Participate in cocurricular activities with tenacity, poise and perspective;
  • Participate in inter-disciplinary activities, recognize the interrelatedness of the disciplines, and synthesize the disciplines for themselves;
  • Seek God’s plan for their lives and follow God’s leading in education, career choices, and life-style;
  • Demonstrate responsible stewardship of time, talents, and resources;
  • Respect and enjoy God’s creation;
  • Influence our culture, as redemptive agents in a fallen world, by applying God’s standard of truth and grace.