Opportunities for Leadership

Any leadership position is a ministry and service to others by being a role model of living and growing in the grace and wisdom of God. Students interested in leadership are required to fill out a leadership application. The application process begins in February. All students are required to fill out an application, gather teacher recommendations, and complete an interview process. All leaders chosen are required to sign a leadership contract and must participate in the Leadership Retreat in August.


Chapel Band

Grade Level: 10-12

Sponsor: Matt DeJong

Selection: Chosen by Matt DeJong and a committee of adult faculty and current senior band members, with application, interview, and audition

Requirements: Musical talent; ability to direct and lead entire community in worship; weekly practice, weekly chapel, time for committee meetings; a teachable, cooperative spirit for a variety of worship styles

Chapel Leadership Team

Grade Level: 10-12

Sponsors: Mike Berttucci

Selection: Chosen by Mike Berttucci, with application and interview

Requirements: Plan overall Chapel theme; participate in leading Chapel; contact potential speakers; meet weekly with the Chapel Leadership Team; pray for faculty, staff, and students throughout the year

Peer Counselors (PCs)

Grade Level: 11-12

Sponsors: Craig Walseth and Annie Sullivan

Selection: The PC sponsor(s) select the new PCs via a written application that includes a testimony and a self-evaluation. An interview and teacher recommendation are also required.

Requirements: Participating juniors and seniors must enjoy working with 7th and 8th graders. They must also accept the responsibility of being a godly role model. They must be students who are known as honest, caring, morally upright, mature, and responsible. Leadership ability, a cooperative spirit and, most of all, a servant’s heart are also highly valued in a peer counselor.  PCs will be expected to attend a weekly meeting and to plan and execute weekly meetings with their groups.

Fresh Connectors

Grade Level: 11-12

Sponsor: Jamie Kuhn

Selection: The peer counselor sponsor(s) select the new fresh connectors, as this leadership position is an offshoot from the peer counseling leadership role. This selection process will be done via a written application that includes a testimony and a self-evaluation. An interview and teacher recommendation are also required. The number selected is dependent upon the number of new students enrolled in the freshman class.

Requirements: Participating juniors and seniors must enjoy working with new freshman students and have a heart for inclusion. They must be godly role models and be known as honest, caring, morally upright, mature, and responsible. Leadership ability, a cooperative spirit and, most of all, a servant’s heart are also highly valued in a fresh connector. Fresh connectors will be expected to attend a weekly meeting during Advisory. They will meet weekly with their new freshmen during the first quarter and once a month from then on out throughout the school year. They will attend New Student Orientation and the Freshman Retreat.

Spirit Leadership Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Sponsor: Maggie Moore

Selection: Application, recommendation, and interview by class teacher/leader.

Requirements: The Spirit Leadership Team’s mission is to plan, organize and execute Spirit Week in a way that allows and encourages students to work together to build class pride, involvement, and enthusiasm through vigorous but friendly competition against other classes. Team members will be vigilant in making sure all activities fit with the mission of Westminster, which is to honor Jesus Christ above all things. The Spirit Leadership team is also mindful that Spirit Week is a community wide event and should engage an audience of all ages.

Student Ambassadors

Grade Level: 9-12

Sponsor: Peggy Johnson

Selection: Application, teacher recommendation, and interview. Current ambassador leadership team members aid in the selection process.

Requirements: An ambassador serves as an authorized student representative to adults and students who are seeking information about our school community. Participants should enjoy meeting new people and engage in positive conversation about the Westminster program. Good communication skills and manners are highly valued in this leadership position. They must understand this is a service commitment to God first and secondly to the Westminster community. Ambassadors should have a general knowledge of all facets of the school including spiritual life, academics, and co-curricular activities. Ambassadors will attend meetings during Advisory to discuss and plan for events such as Open House, Orientation, IGNite, etc. They must commit to serve at selected school events that are for the most part not during school hours. Between hosting events, ambassadors will serve by writing welcome notes to prospective students, express great esprit de corps for Westminster among the student body, and assist as needed.

Activities Leadership Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Sponsors: Susie Brown, Ashley Woodall, Sarah DeVries, Olivia Pierson, Kelly Gilbert, Dan Burke

Selection: Application, recommendation, and interview by class teacher/leader. There are  8-10 student leadership team members per grade in grades 9-12.

Requirements: Weekly meetings during Advisory, leading neighborhood meetings, planning/organizing/implementing any social or service activities for class and/or school community. All members must work as a team with advisors to present unified, positive, and acceptable plans to the class and carry them out. Team members provide leadership for the student body through school-wide activities. They must be committed to Carnival, Christmas Celebration, Spirit Week, Junior Senior Banquet, Senior Retreat, and various other service events.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Grade Level: 10-12

Sponsors: Gina Butterfield and Sara Schwamb

Selection: Application, recommendation, interview

Requirements: Officers must have the ability to lead our National Honor Society in a variety of ways. Officers will help select and plan the NHS whole group service projects and help lead on service days. Officers perform administrative tasks such as creating memos, mailing letters, collecting member dues, and tracking service hours. NHS officers also organize and speak in the induction ceremony in the fall.

Club Leadership

Grade Level: 10-12

Sponsors: Varies by club

Selection: Club officers are appointed by the club sponsor or elected by the club membership.

Requirements: Officers must be members in good standing the year prior to becoming an officer. They work with the club sponsor to plan and carry out club activities. They must be able to function as a team leader for students and as a point of contact with faculty/parent leadership.

Service Leadership Team

Grade Level: 9-12

Sponsors: Kyla Lum

Selection: Application, recommendation, interview

Requirements: The Service Leadership Team seeks to intentionally look for ways to love and serve God’s people. Team members are encouraged to look outside themselves and examine areas within Westminster or the greater St. Louis community that presents a need. The team then will plan, organize, and execute service projects to fulfill those needs. Leaders will also focus on engaging other students to join in the serving process. Service Leadership Team members are required to attend Wednesday Advisory meetings.