Morning Carpool Survival Tips

Please review these tips to help you get in and out of Westminster’s lot as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Avoid the peak time. Carpool is busiest from 7:40-7:50 a.m.  If you arrive before 7:40 a.m., your wait time will be minimal.
  • Use the left lane to move farther up the drive.  Westminster’s two-lane carpool system is designed for efficient drop-off procedures. Because we have two separate entrances to our building, the left lane is designed to allow traffic to bypass the middle school entrance and proceed directly to the upper school entrance. The area between the upper school entrance and the Plaza may also be used to drop off students and is usually wide open.
More Tips
  • Don’t drop your student off in the parking lot. It only takes an extra 30 seconds to use the drop-off lanes and ensures our students’ safety.
  • Be cautious. Please remember to drive slowly through the carpool lanes in front of the building, and please use caution when merging into or out of the drop-off/pick-up lane (the right lane). If you are using the left lane to proceed to a spot farther up in the drop-off/pick-up lane, please use extreme caution when pulling into an open spot, as other vehicles may also be in the process of changing lanes or pulling farther up the drop-off/pick-up lane.
  • Say your goodbyes quickly. We’ve all sat behind the person who takes her/his time searching for the lunch sack under the seat, reminding Johnny to turn in his permission slip, or giving extra hugs and kisses. Don’t be that person.
  • Stay off the phone. Our students are walking through the lot and crossing the drive. Please refrain from being distracted by your cell phone.