Middle School Dance Camp Leader

Camp Westminster is looking for an experienced dancer (or dance coach) to choreograph and lead a group of middle school dancers of varied experience level. Job responsibilities include:

  • Choreograph dance for an end-of-week performance for parents
  • Teach dance techniques and offer coaching to both beginner and more experienced dancers
  • Submit requests for supplies (if necessary) by mid-May
  • Supervise campers, ensure their safety, and follow the camp timeline
  • Lead counselors (or counselors-in-training) to facilitate camp and befriend campers
  • Incorporate age-appropriate team-building activities (or conversations) that help campers build character and life skills
  • Help campers make friends and get comfortable quickly; help them to feel part of the group
  • Anticipate problems before they happen (socially, behaviorally, and logistically)
  • Recognize the sick, sad, or self-conscious child without them saying anything—and take appropriate steps

Compensation: $750

Week: June 17–21, afternoon

To apply, please complete our Employment Application.


Description of Middle School Dance

Grades 6–8 (Girls)

Budding dancers will learn techniques through dance-related games, as well as leadership and teamwork skills that they will benefit from in all areas of life. Dancers will learn an age-appropriate dance routine and will perform for family and friends.