Math Teachers


Dale Beachy
Math Department Co-Chair / Middle School Math (Algebra 1, Pre-Algebra)

Dale has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Greenville College and a Master’s in Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He came to Westminster in 2000 and over the course of his career has served as an elementary teacher, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) teacher, university math adjunct, and middle school math teacher.

During middle school, math was a difficult subject for me. The experience [of teaching math] helps me relate to students who are struggling and have a low confidence level. I want my students to realize that through hard work and a desire to learn, they can improve their ability to understand and apply mathematics.



Jacob Mohler
Math Department Co-Chair / Upper School Math (Algebra 1 Concepts, College Algebra)

Jacob has a B.S. in Mathematics from Hillsdale College and an M.A. in Mathematics from St. Louis University. Jacob began his tenure as an upper school math teacher at Westminster in 2006. Over the course of his career, he has served as a middle school and high school math teacher at Schaeffer Academy; a graduate assistant in finite math, business calculus, and college algebra at Saint Louis University; an adjunct instructor in college algebra at Southwest Illinois College; and an adjunct instructor in symbolic logic and college algebra at Webster University. At Westminster, Jacob also oversees the National Honor Society. His wife Katie teaches at Covenant Christian School as the outdoors experiential coordinator, and their two children Emma and Ian attend school there.

I became a math teacher because I wanted students to learn math in a better environment than I did. A teacher who was trained to teach English taught me math. There are wonderful notions in math of how numbers found in the natural world point to a Creator. For this reason, as I noticed how God has left clues for us to see His handiwork, I wanted to find ways to show students similar things. Thinking about math as the language and logic God used to create the world was too good a secret for me to keep. Now I want students to think about their involvement in the mathematical enterprise as a means to join God as co-creators of interesting things.

More Teachers


Erin Albright
Upper School Math (Geometry, Algebra 2 Honors)

Erin has a B.A. in Mathematics and Education from Trinity Christian College. In 2012, she joined the faculty at Westminster and has taught both geometry and algebra.

I decided to become a math teacher because I love the subject, and I love working with kids. I love the beauty of math and how connected it is, and I wanted to share that with students. It’s an extremely joyful experience to see a student, especially one who struggles, finally understand the material.



Matt DeJong
Upper School Math (Geometry, Algebra 2)

Matt has a B.A. in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Dordt College. He began his first year of teaching at Westminster in 2014 and married his wife Mia the same year.

I enjoyed math when I was a student, and I liked to help my classmates learn it, too. I also believe that math teaches logic and problem-solving, which are two essential skills in any career.



Rachel Endel
Middle School Math (Pre-Algebra 7, Integrated Algebra/Geometry, Algebra 1 Honors)

Rachel holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Union University. She came to Westminster in 2012 and has taught algebra and pre-algebra, as well as 8th grade science. Rachel also coaches 7th grade volleyball.

I wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to have several influential math teachers throughout my years in school, and they inspired me to follow in their footsteps. I enjoy working with students and helping them learn math!



David Haas
Upper School Math (Pre-Calculus Honors, Calculus AB (AP), Calculus BC (AP))

David has a B.S. in Mathematics from Wheaton College and an M.A.T. in Secondary Math from Webster University. He came to Westminster in 1981 and has taught geometry, algebra, precalculus, and calculus. David has also served as math club advisor and chess club advisor. His wife Junia is the music director at Spring Hills Presbyterian Church, and they have four children. Philip ’09 is the drummer in the band GoDownMoses; Joanna ’07 works as a nurse; Sarah ’04 works in film and film institute support; and Heather ’03 (and her husband Jeff) have a daughter Lydia and live in Wheaton, Illinois.

I have enjoyed math and explaining it to others, and I have always enjoyed working with high school students.



Rex Janssen
Upper School Math (Geometry Concepts, Geometry Honors)

Rex has a B.A. in Mathematics Education and Physical Education from Dordt College. He started at Westminster in 1999 and over the course of his career has taught K-12 physical education, business math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and probability and statistics. Rex also serves as the varsity girls golf assistant coach and JV golf coach for both the boys and girls teams. He and his wife Wendy, a personal chef, have been married for 27 years. Their oldest daughter Kelsey ’08 lives in Anaheim, California, with her husband Josh; their son Caleb ’12 is a junior at Calvin College; and their daughter Leah ’13 is a sophomore there.

I love math and love kids. Teaching is a gift the Lord has given to me.



Maggie Moore
Upper School Math (Algebra 2, Calculus AB (AP))

Maggie has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Missouri University of Science and Technology; a B.A. in Economics & Finance (also from S&T), and an M.A. in Math Education from Maryville University. In 2013, she began teaching at Westminster where she has taught calculus, algebra, and Principles of Engineering. Previously, she taught algebra and probability and statistics at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Maggie’s family, including her brother Daniel ’11, lives in the St. Louis area. She has the pleasure of working at Westminster with her second family – her roommates Kristin Janssen, Rachel Endel, and Erin Albright.

In college, I started substitute teaching for extra money. I went on to work for an engineering company out of school but fondly remembered my subbing days and realized my true passion was to help kids get excited about learning what is often deemed a difficult subject. I wanted to prepare tomorrow’s leaders and am loving every second here at Westminster!



Robert Murphy
Upper School Math (Algebra 1, Advanced Math Concepts, Pre-Calculus Honors)

Robert has a B.S.N. in General Studies from Western Washington University and a Master’s of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. He came to Westminster in 2011 and has taught various algebra classes, precalculus, advanced math concepts, and Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA). Robert has been married for 13 years and has three children: Violet (4), Elanor (8), and Reason (10). They attend Providence Reformed Church.

I decided to become a math teacher because I knew God was calling me into education, and math was never difficult for me, even at the highest levels. I care about the whole student, and mathematics is the language of Creation care – the ability for people to manage the impersonal aspects of God’s world.



Allison Pautler
Middle School Math (Pre-Algebra 7, Pre-Algebra 7 Honors)

Allison has a B.A. in Mathematics from Hope College. She came to Westminster in 2008. In addition to having taught pre-algebra (regular and honors) and 7th grade P.E., Allison also serves as a Middle School Leadership Club sponsor and the 7th grade Team Leader.

I wanted to become a math teacher because I love working with kids. I worked at a summer camp in college and fell in love with middle school children. I think math is powerful and a huge part of our everyday lives, yet unfortunately too many kids are turned off to math because they lose confidence or don’t see the purpose. I wanted to change that – to help kids believe that they are capable of succeeding at math and see the importance and application it has in their lives.



JD Perona
Middle School Math (Algebra 1, Integrated Algebra/Geometry)

JD has a B.S. in Math Education from Taylor University and an M.A. in Athletic Administration from William Woods University. He started teaching at Westminster in 1998. Previously, he taught pre-algebra, calculus, and career planning in Ft. Wayne, Indiana for two years. Since coming to Westminster, JD has taught 7th grade pre-algebra, a problem solving class, and 8th grade algebra and has also tutored several students over the years. JD also serves as middle school wrestling coach. He has been married to his wife Christan, director of admissions at Central Christian School, since July of 1996. Their son Clayton is in 7th grade at Westminster; JD enjoys riding to and from school with him every day and seeing him in the hallways and Cafe. Their daughter Kharis is in 5th grade at Central Christian School.

I always enjoyed math in school and have always loved figuring things out and solving problems. I also love seeing God’s fingerprint on math. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know, just like with God. We believe that all truth is God’s truth, which makes it enjoyable for me to try and understand math. My desire is for the kids I teach to see math in this way as well. It is not about just learning math and solving problems but ultimately better knowing and understanding God. 


van gilst

Rich Van Gilst
Upper School Math (Statistics, Statistics (AP), Pre-Calculus/Statistics (AP))

Rich has a B.S. in Mathematics from Calvin College and an M.A. in Mathematics from Western Michigan University. He came to Westminster in 1984 and has since taught every math class offered in middle school and upper school with the exception of geometry and calculus. Rich also serves as the varsity boys baseball coach.

I have always enjoyed math. Some kids play with things or build things, but I always enjoyed figuring things out with a pencil and paper.



Kelsey Walton
Upper School Math (Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Concepts, Algebra 2 Honors)

Kelsey holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Calvin College. She came to Westminster in 2010 and has taught algebra 2 (regular, concepts, and honors) and geometry (regular and honors). Kelsey also serves as the JV girls volleyball coach.

I became a math teacher because I enjoyed the subject and wanted to work with kids. I’ve stayed a math teacher because I understand that our world is constantly changing, and I believe math is an important tool to teach the thinking and problem solving skills necessary to navigate and redeem this world.