The purpose of the Mathematics Department is to provide students the ability to better understand Creation, hence the mind and character of the Creator; the knowledge and skills necessary to model quantitative and spatial situations in all disciplines; and the opportunity to develop skills in logical reasoning, problem solving, and technology. The courses offered at Westminster are designed to meet the needs of students of all abilities, interests, and college and career objectives.

 What a Westminster student will learn and be able to accomplish in mathematics

  1. Realize that the universe was created with perfect mathematical relationships that must be distinguished from our imperfect understanding of them

  2. Observe that God has created mankind with the ability to discover and use mathematics to understand His creation

  3. Demonstrate knowledge of mathematical theory, skill in using mathematical methods, and efficiency in problem solving

  4. Become proficient in using technology as a tool for calculation, processing data, and problem solving

  5. Take the mathematics courses necessary to meet his/her future educational and career objectives

  6. Apply mathematical concepts and problem solving strategies in other classes and disciplines as well as in daily life

  7. Value the knowledge of mathematics as a gift from God and use it in an honest manner and for noble purposes

  8. Demonstrate confidence in his/her ability to use mathematics to solve problems in all applicable situations